Social Responsiblity

Social Responsibility

Within today's innovative global community, our most significant priority is to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector without forfeiting our commitment to the betterment of society. We approach our business with a strong focus on growth while providing a responsible, environmentally-conscious workplace with sound business procedures.

We hold every aspect of our business to the highest ethical standards, from our research and development to our sales and customer service. Our customers depend upon us to understand their unique needs and deliver the products and services that allow them to attain their goals. Because we treat our suppliers like partners, we maintain a strong supply chain to reliably meet our customer's schedules.

Contemporary Controls is committed to making our manufacturing process as environmentally sustainable as possible. We have converted our manufacturing facilities to lead-free operation. We provide in-depth personnel training and practice "lean" manufacturing initiatives. Our efforts ensure that our products, processes and services demonstrate responsible stewardship of our Earth's natural resources on an ongoing basis for today's and future generations. Because of our progressive manufacturing processes, all our products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Our pursuit of sustainable manufacturing means we fully support practical environmental legislation. We adhere to the goals of reducing energy consumption, reducing the amount of hazardous materials in our environment, greater recycling, reducing the waste in landfills and the use of fewer natural resources. Contemporary Controls follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

We realize the significance of our actions, and we are a responsible partner in facing the challenges of today and tomorrow.