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April 2024
Bullet    BridgeVPN Provides Secure Remote Access with Seamless Integration
Bullet    Installing and Modifying Pre-built Sedona Applications
Bullet    Using the BASpi-Edge and Azure for Secure Cloud Connectivity
Bullet    Using Cellular IP Routers for Remote Site Access

March 2024
Bullet    Training and Education Capabilities
Bullet    Using an IP Router to Limit BACnet Traffic
Bullet    Whitepaper: Simplify Machine Integration
Bullet    Don't Miss Us at Niagara Summit

February 2024
Bullet    10 Reasons Why You Should Use BAScontrol Products in Your Niagara System
Bullet    Cellular Router Firmware Update Adds BridgeVPN for Single-Site Secure Remote Access
Bullet    Selecting the Correct BASstat Thermostat
Bullet    BASview3 Simplifies Building Automation and Control

January 2024
Bullet    2024 AHR Expo: Let's ChicaGO!
Bullet    BAScontrol22S Unitary Controller Featured in AHR New Product Presentation
Bullet    BridgeVPN Facilitates Secure Remote Communications for Single-Site Access
Bullet    Standalone Active Terminator for EIA-485 Networks

December 2023
Bullet    2023 Year in Review
Bullet    Sedona Programming Now Possible Using Niagara Workbench N4
Bullet    Free Video Series Explores Contemporary Controls' Remote Access Options
Bullet    Don't Miss Us at AHR Expo 2024

November 2023
Bullet    EISW Ethernet Switches Suitable for UL 508A Control Panels
Bullet    New Pre-built Application Supports the BASpi-Edge Controller in Fan Coil Applications
Bullet    Using Gateways for BACnet Integration
Bullet    BACnet/IP to BACnet MS/TP Router Options

October 2023
Bullet    Sedona Macro Components Reduce Memory Space
Bullet    Secure Remote Access to BACnet Systems without a BBMD
Bullet    Understanding the Graphics and Dashboard Capabilities of the BASview3
Bullet    Continued Success Using BASgatewayLX

September 2023
Bullet    NEW Single Mode BACnet Communicating Thermostat
Bullet    Pre-Built Applications for Nearly Every Constant Volume Need
Bullet    Barbie and BASpi Teach Young Women the Benefits of Building Automation
Bullet    October Events: Smart Buildings Show | PlugFest

August 2023
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Helps Make Small Buildings Smarter
Bullet    Future Technicians Learn Next-Generation Building Automation with BAScontrollers
Bullet    Understanding Cellular Networks
Bullet    Don't Miss Us at SIBT and AHR Expo-Mexico

July 2023
Bullet    New BAScontrol22S Adds Support for BACnet MS/TP
Bullet    50+ Years of Industry Insight from Joe Stasiek
Bullet    Accessing Cloud Data Sent From the BASpi-Edge
Bullet    BAScontrol Gives Students Real-World Experience

June 2023
Bullet    Cloud Connected BACnet Controllers for Standalone or BACnet Supervised Automation Applications
Bullet    Advantages of VPN over Port Forwarding
Bullet    Sedona Tools for Developing Custom HVAC Components
Bullet    CCSI Maintains ISO 9001 Certification—Quality is Our Goal

May 2023
Bullet    IP Firewall, Port Forwarding, NAT, and Gateway Address Settings for Correct IP Router Operation
Bullet    Understanding BASrouterLX Advanced Features
Bullet    Getting Started with the BAScontrol Toolset
Bullet    EISW Ethernet Switches Are UL Listed for Industrial Control Equipment

April 2023
Bullet    New BAScontrol22D BACnet/IP Sedona Unitary Controller Delivers Operational Enhancements
Bullet    BAScontrol Toolset Upgrade Improves Program Functionality and Adaptability
Bullet    New BAScontrol Pre-built Applications Accommodate Next-Generation HVAC Systems
Bullet    Industry Trade Shows Continue to Rebound

March 2023
Bullet    EISW Switches Provide Robust Performance in Demanding Environments
Bullet    Industrial Diagnostic Switch Simplifies Testing
Bullet    BASstat Configuration Advice to Maximize Operation
Bullet    Using IO Modules to Expand the Number of Points in the Field

February 2023
Bullet    BASstat Temperature Configuration Via BACnet
Bullet    ISH Frankfurt, Germany Focuses on "Solutions for a Sustainable Future"
Bullet    2023 National HVACR Education Conference – Training for the Future
Bullet    AHR Expo 2023 Shows Strong Attendance

January 2023
Bullet    Don't Miss Booth C5245 at AHR Expo
Bullet    New BASrouters Featured at AHR Expo
Bullet    BASrouterSC New Product & Technology Presentation
Bullet    Product Upgrade for BACnet Controllers Improves Performance

December 2022
Bullet    2022 Year in Review
Bullet    BAS Integration: The Reality of a Multi-Protocol World
Bullet    Understanding Port Forwarding and VPNs
Bullet    Video: BridgeVPN

November 2022
Bullet    Introduction to the EIGR-C Cellular IP Router Video
Bullet    Hands-On Training Prepares Students for Building Automation Industry Careers
Bullet    BASview3 Custom Graphics Facilitate Automation Supervision and Control
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Training Videos Available

October 2022
Bullet    EISW Series Expanded to Include 5-Port Model
Bullet    UL 508 Transitions Towards IEC Standards
Bullet    Gigabit IP Routers Facilitate Secure Remote Access in Building Automation
Bullet    Interfacing BACnet/IP and MS/TP to BACnet Secure Connect

September 2022
Bullet    BAS Summit 2022—Building Automation at National Laboratories
Bullet    BAScontrol Toolset Helps Students "Build on BACnet"
Bullet    IP Router Simplifies Device Installation of Gas Fired Turbine System
Bullet    Events: HVACR Tradeshow | Light + Building | Smart Building Show

August 2022
Bullet    BMS Integration for Non-BACnet Devices
Bullet    Understanding How to Configure OpenVPN
Bullet    New Video: Introduction to Fast Ethernet
Bullet    Don't Miss Us at AHR Expo-México 2022

July 2022
Bullet    Converting a Modbus 4-Wire Device to a 2-Wire Device for BACnet/IP Integration
Bullet    BACnet BBMD and FDR Setup Recommendations
Bullet    New Video: Using Port Forwarding to Access a Private Web Server
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Renews Healthy Manufacturer Certification

June 2022
Bullet    Sixteen-Port Ethernet Switch In-Stock and Ready to Ship
Bullet    BASemulator Instrumental in Remote Learning at AGH University of Science and Technology
Bullet    Updated BridgeVPN Support Documentation Available
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Celebrates 47 Years

May 2022
Bullet    BACnet Heat Pump Thermostats Now Available
Bullet    Eight-Port Ethernet Switch In-Stock and Ready to Ship
Bullet    IP Routers Provide Secure Access to Remote Job Sites
Bullet    EXPO PACK México 2022, Booth 438

April 2022
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Delivers Custom Solution for Room Climate Automation
Bullet    Contemporary Controls is Committed to Helping Educate HVACR Industry in Best Practices for Building Automation
Bullet    Video: Understanding the Different Types of Remote Access
Bullet    Regional Win for Contemporary Controls Sponsored Robotics Team

March 2022
Bullet    Modbus Gateway Integrates Cleanroom Application with BMS
Bullet    BASview3 Continues to Receive Industry Recognition
Bullet    Industrial Ethernet University Offers Introductory IP Network Courses for BMS Professionals
Bullet    Events: HVACR Education Conference | Niagara Summit

February 2022
Bullet    Successful Return to AHR Expo 2022
Bullet    Understanding IP Router Firewall Settings
Bullet    Reminder: Notice of 2022 Price Increase
Bullet    Electronics Manufacturing is Alive in Illinois

January 2022
Bullet    Cloud-Connected BACnet Controllers
Bullet    Original Design Manufacturing Products at AHR Expo
Bullet    Energy Harvesting Solutions from EnOcean
Bullet    Understanding the Different Types of Remote Access

December 2021
Bullet    Year in Review
Bullet    Industrial Diagnostic Switch Simplifies Testing
Bullet    New and Enhanced Building and Industrial Automation Products Showcased at AHR 2022
Bullet    Free Video Series Helps Beginners Understand BACnet

November 2021
Bullet    BASstat Thermostat Control System
Bullet    BASpi-Edge—Control with Cloud Connectivity
Bullet    Integrate BACnet MS/TP Segments to JACE
Bullet    Training Video: Introduction to Ethernet

October 2021
Bullet    BASstat Family Adds Models with Modulating Fan Coil Operation
Bullet    Understanding Contemporary Controls' VPN Options
Bullet    BASgatewayLX Modernizes Modbus
Bullet    Illinois Manufacturing Month

September 2021
Bullet    Secure Remote Access Solutions Without a Cloud-Based VPN Server
Bullet    Configuring an EIGR-VB Gigabit IP Router as an OpenVPN Server
Bullet    Custom PoE Injector Powers Explosion-Proof CCTV Camera
Bullet    Using IO Modules to Expand the Number of Points in the Field

August 2021
Bullet    New Self-HostedVPN Application Guide Available
Bullet    GreenMediaHD Uses Custom Components to Enhance Contemporary Controls' Open Controller
Bullet    BASpi-Edge: Alerting Made Easy
Bullet    AHR Expo-México 2021

July 2021
Bullet    Back to Business: Navigating Product Shortages and Supply Chain Disruptions
Bullet    BASControl22C Provides Communication Solution for Office Automation
Bullet    Understanding Self-Hosted VPN—Secure, Remote Communication Over the Internet
Bullet    Controller Emulation on a PC

June 2021
Bullet    Enhanced Functionality for BASgatewayLX
Bullet    Thermostat Connection Using BACnet/IP Over a Wi-Fi Connection
Bullet    IP Routers Features – Gateway Address and Masquerade
Bullet    Using BASrouters and IP Routers to Communicate Across Subnets

May 2021
Bullet    Gigabit Wired Bridge VPN Router Now Available
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Watches the Weather
Bullet    CCSI Maintains ISO 9001 Certification—Quality is Our Goal
Bullet    Online Ordering for EMEA Customers

April 2021
Bullet    Understanding IP Router Firewall Settings
Bullet    BASgatewayLX Receives Recognition for Innovation
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Web Components
Bullet    Don't Miss Controls-Con 2021

March 2021
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Solves BMS Integration Challenges
Bullet    BASpi-IO Keeps the Chickens Cooped Up
Bullet    BASpi-Edge and BASview3 Help Convert Older BMS Systems to BACnet
Bullet    BASpi-IO Makes Halloween Spooktacular

February 2021
Bullet    Distance-Learning Made Easier with the BASpi
Bullet    Best BASpi Application Will Win Pi Day Contest!
Bullet    Understanding the "Buy American Act"
Bullet    Open House Videos Available

January 2021
Bullet    BACnet-Compliant Wired or Wireless Communicating Thermostats
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Serves 48 BACnet Virtual Points
Bullet    Register Now for Our Virtual Open House
Bullet    Shirley Spoden Joins Sales Team

December 2020
Bullet    BASrouter Now Features Outdoor Temperature Range
Bullet    Don't Miss Our Open House!
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Performs as a Client Using NetV Components
Bullet    BASview1 Users – Flash Player Announcement

November 2020
Bullet    Configurable I/O Modules Now Available
Bullet    Secure, Cellular Remote Access
Bullet    Event Scheduling with the BASpi-Edge
Bullet    Keep Office Grade Ethernet Switches Away from the Job Site

October 2020
Bullet    BASpi-Edge Simplifies Field Device Connectivity
Bullet    BAScontrol Toolset Offers Expanded Emulation
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Achieves Healthy Manufacturer Certification
Bullet    Webinar: IP Routers and Their Uses

September 2020
Bullet    EIGR-C3 Cellular Router Data Plans
Bullet    BASstat Series Adds Remote Temperature Sensing
Bullet    BASrouter and Skorpion VPN Router Help Improve Indoor Air Quality
Bullet    IP Routers Ease IT and OT Convergence

August 2020
Bullet    Ethernet Routers Versus Switches
Bullet    We are Attending IoT Innovation North America
Bullet    German-Language Site Now Available
Bullet    Hands-On BASautomation Training Update

July 2020
Bullet    EIGR-C Cellular Data Plans on Verizon
Bullet    CCSI Retains ISO 9001 Certification
Bullet    Spanish Language Website Launch
Bullet    Celebrating 45 Years in Control

June 2020
Bullet    New Gigabit Cellular Router
Bullet    BACnet Discovery Tool Adds Graphing
Bullet    BASstat Family Adds Humidity Sensing Models
Bullet    New Industrial Ethernet University Course on Cellular Communications

May 2020
Bullet    New BASrouterLX Firmware Available
Bullet    BAScontrol Toolset for Remote HVAC Training
Bullet    Application Ready Platforms Available
Bullet    SB-327 Compliance Announcement

April 2020
Bullet    Building Automation During a Pandemic
Bullet    Custom Graphics Feature in Latest BASview3 Firmware
Bullet    Monitor Your Facility Remotely
Bullet    Repeated Recognition of Technical Support

March 2020
Bullet    Remembering the "Father of BACnet"
Bullet    Don't Miss Our BASautomation Training
Bullet    BASpi a Finalist for BCIA Award
Bullet    New BACnet Router with BACnet Secure Connect

February 2020
Bullet    2019 Vendor of the Year
Bullet    Hands on BASautomation Training
Bullet    Thanks for Visiting Us at AHR Expo 2020
Bullet    On The Road - Winter/Spring 2020

January 2020
Bullet    VPN Solutions Expanded with Self-HostedVPN
Bullet    Don't Miss Booth 681 at AHR 2020
Bullet    Our Featured Speakers at AHR 2020
Bullet    Contemporary Controls a Finalist for Multiple ControlTrends Awards

December 2019
Bullet    BASpi-IO Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4!
Bullet    New BASrouter and BASpi Products Showcased at AHR 2020
Bullet    IoT Cybersecurity Update
Bullet    SPS 2019 in Nuremberg Follow-Up

November 2019
Bullet    BASrouter 3.0 With Diagnostics Proves Popular
Bullet    Skorpion Router Provides Factory Connectivity
Bullet    New Products Showcased at SPS 2019
Bullet    IEU Course Materials Enhanced

October 2019
Bullet    New BASpi-IO with Analog Outputs
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Attends BACnet PlugFest 2019
Bullet    Make Life Easier when Troubleshooting MS/TP Networks
Bullet    Frankfurt Building Automation Conference Follow-Up

September 2019
Bullet    Can You Use Unmanaged Switches with RSTP?
Bullet    New RemoteVPN Application Guide Available
Bullet    Contemporary Controls to Attend Building Automation Conference
Bullet    Contemporary Controls on the Road in 2019

August 2019
Bullet    Machine Integration White Paper Available
Bullet    BACnet BBMD and FDR Setup Recommendations
Bullet    Diagnostic Switches Simplify Testing
Bullet    BACnet Installation in Historic Structures

July 2019
Bullet    Convert Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP with the BASgatewayLX
Bullet    Sedona Discussion Groups Now Available
Bullet    BASpi (and Barbie) Engage Young Women in STEM
Bullet    RefriAMERICAS 2019 in Miami

June 2019
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Receives ISO 9001:2015 Registration
Bullet    Fast, Easy Building Supervision with the New BASview3
Bullet    Take Control of Your Ethernet Network by Using a Skorpion Managed Switch
Bullet    Open Control Products Popular at Recent Events

May 2019
Bullet    Wireless BACnet-Compliant Thermostat Now Available
Bullet    BAScontrol Toolset Updated
Bullet    BASview2 Introduction Video
Bullet    Haystack Connect 2019

April 2019
Bullet    BAScontrol22C with BACnet Client Capability Now Available
Bullet    CTRLink Switches Designed for Automation
Bullet    New Products Showcased at CONTROLS-CON 2019
Bullet    BASautomation Products Popular at ISH 2019

March 2019
Bullet    New PI-Based Products to Celebrate Pi Day
Bullet    New BAScontrol22C with BACnet Client Capability
Bullet    BACnet-Complaint Thermostat Ensures Effortless Integration
Bullet    Training and Education with Contemporary Controls Networking and Control Equipment

February 2019
Bullet    Handle MS/TP Networks When Using the New Honeywell CIPer 30
Bullet    BASrouter 3.0 Provides Diagnostics
Bullet    Enhance Your JACE
Bullet    Thanks for Visiting Us at AHR Expo 2019

January 2019
Bullet    Visit Booth C5218 At AHR Expo 2019
Bullet    Do it Yourself—NEW BACnet Client Controller
Bullet    RemoteVPN—Secure Remote Access Solution9
Bullet    Education Sessions and Presentations at AHR Expo 2019

December 2018
Bullet    New BACnet Wi-Fi and MS/TP Compliant Thermostat Announced
Bullet    New BACnet-Compliant Products at AHR 2019
Bullet    Don't Miss the 7th Annual Connection Community Collaboratory at AHR 2019
Bullet    Contemporary Controls a Finalist for Multiple ControlTrends Awards

November 2018
Bullet    Keep and Reuse Your Machine Configuration with Skorpion Routers
Bullet    UL 864 Recognized Switches from Contemporary Controls
Bullet    Complete Ethernet Support and New "Powered by Raspberry Pi" Products
Bullet    Contemporary Controls On the Road

October 2018
Bullet    BASrouter 3.0 Obtains BTL Listing
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Featured at Building Automation Training
Bullet    BASrouter and BASview2 Eliminate Headaches for Office Building
Bullet    485-TER Provides Active Termination and Fail-Safe Biasing for Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP EIA-485 Networks

September 2018
Bullet    Industrial Ethernet University 15-Year Anniversary
Bullet    Honeywell Momentum 2018
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Welcomes Senator John Curran
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Provides BACnet Interface for People-Movers at Manchester Airport

August 2018
Bullet    BASrouter 3.0 Provides Enhanced Diagnostics
Bullet    Do it Yourself Board Level Controllers
Bullet    Host Your Own OpenVPN Server
Bullet    AHR Mexico 2018

July 2018
Bullet    EIGR Routers Add OpenVPN Server Functionality
Bullet    BASpi Provides the Control Solution for Remote, Unmanned AC Units
Bullet    Expanding the Number of I/O Points in the Field
Bullet    Where is SedonaDev.Org?

June 2018
Bullet    New Gigabit Routers Introduced
Bullet    New Building Automation Blog Available
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Plays a Role in the Binhai Cultural Center
Bullet    How Micro PCs are Being Used in the Field

May 2018
Bullet    Program Your Raspberry Pi Using Niagara Workbench
Bullet    Why You Should Not Mix Full-Wave and Half-Wave Powered Devices
Bullet    Simplify Machine IP Integration
Bullet    Success Story: Contemporary Controls Helps Coventry University "Go Green"

April 2018
Bullet    BASautomation Products at Niagara Summit 2018
Bullet    BASpi and BAScontrol Series Provide Hands-On Training
Bullet    Addressing IP Security Concerns when Deploying a BACnet System
Bullet    New Video: BAScontrol Toolset Quick Start Guide

March 2018
Bullet    Happy Pi Day!
Bullet    BASview2 Provides Fast, Easy Building Supervision
Bullet    Power over Ethernet Solutions
Bullet    Upcoming Training Events

February 2018
Bullet    Enhanced Diagnostics on the Portable BASrouter
Bullet    2017 Vendor of the Year Winner
Bullet    AHR 2018 Product Review
Bullet    BASpi – a Big Hit at AHR Expo

January 2018
Bullet    Register to Win a Free BASpi in Booth 4118
Bullet    Open Software - and Now Open Hardware
Bullet    Open Controllers Featured at the BEST Center Annual Institute
Bullet    Don't Miss Our AHR Expo Seminars
Bullet    Last Chance to Vote for the CTA Awards

December 2017
Bullet    BASgatewayLX Now Maps Up to 100 Modbus Devices to BACnet
Bullet    See You at AHR Expo 2018
Bullet    Learn More about IP Security Concerns and New Products at AHR's Educational Seminars
Bullet    Final Voting for the CTA Awards is Now Open

November 2017
Bullet    Pre-Built Constant Volume RTU Applications Now Available
Bullet    Complete Ethernet Support for Your Machine
Bullet    Chiller Plant Optimization at Pharmaceutical Plant
Bullet    Nominate the Best for a ControlTrends Award

October 2017
Bullet    Free BAScontrol Toolset Now Includes the BASemulator
Bullet    BAScontrol Project Management Simplified with BASbackup
Bullet    The Advantages of a BAScontrol Open Controller
Bullet    Remote Your JACE...Securely

September 2017
Bullet    Join Us for Activelogix Technology Forum 2017
Bullet    New Gigabit IP Routers and VPN Routers Introduced
Bullet    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Bullet    BASgatewayLX is the "Go-To" Solution for Converting Modbus to BACnet

August 2017
Bullet    BACnet Simplifies Controls Upgrade at Beaverton City Library
Bullet    BAScontrol Series Equipped for Wide Temperature Operation
Bullet    EIA-485 Terminator Provides Fail-Safe Biasing for BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU Networks
Bullet    Customer Service Team Saves the (Sailing) Day

July 2017
Bullet    BACnet Discovery Tool Better Than Ever
Bullet    New BASrouterLX Model Meets Customer Demands
Bullet    College of DuPage HVACR Network Day
Bullet    Designing a Smart Pantry System

June 2017
Bullet    Firmware Update Available for BASgatewayLX
Bullet    Round of Applause for the Diagnostic Switch
Bullet    Technical Presentations at Haystack Connect Provide Real Solutions for Building IoT Data Management
Bullet    Controls-Con 2017

May 2017
Bullet    Sedona Alliance at Haystack Connect 2017
Bullet    Diagnostic Switches Donated to BIG-EU PlugFest for Interoperability Testing
Bullet    Distech Controls 2017 European Conference
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Assists in the Training of Future HVACR Technicians

April 2017
Bullet    EIS and EIRX Recognized for Compliance with the UL 864 10th Edition Standard
Bullet    BAScontrol Series Equipped for Wide Temperature Operation
Bullet    Using SSL and VPNs to Provide Security
Bullet    DDC Training with the BAScontrol22

March 2017
Bullet    BASrouterLX Application Note: Using Allowlist to Improve Security
Bullet    Don't Miss Haystack Connect 2017 Technical Sessions
Bullet    The Sedona Alliance: Championing the Creation of an Open Controller
Bullet    High Speed Gigabit Performance With PoE Savings

February 2017
Bullet    Vendor of the Year 2016
Bullet    Open Control - Sedona Framework and the Sedona Alliance
Bullet    New Open Controllers Popular at AHR Expo 2017
Bullet    Newly Redesigned ARCNET Resource Center

January 2017
Bullet    Visit Booth C1458 at AHR 2017
Bullet    BACnet MS/TP Troubleshooting Simplified with Innovative Product Integration from Contemporary Controls and Optigo Networks
Bullet    Free Education Session about Sedona Framework
Bullet    Truly Open Sedona Controllers

December 2016
Bullet    Contemporary Controls a Finalist for Six ControlTrends Awards
Bullet    Have Joe Do Your Work for You
Bullet    Learn More about Sedona Framework at AHR 2017
Bullet    New Video: Enhance Your JACE by Off-loading Communication Handling

November 2016
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Showcases Gigabit Routers at SPS/IPC Drives Trade Fair in Germany
Bullet    Nominate Contemporary Controls for Best Video!
Bullet    Using an IP Router to Resolve IT vs. OT Conflicts
Bullet    Free Sedona Education Session at AHR 2017
Bullet    Use your BACnet Router to Improve Security and Performance

October 2016
Bullet    Plugging in from New Hampshire, the 2016 BACnet International Plugfest
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Sponsors Distech Controls' Converge Conference
Bullet    Don't Miss the Free Education Session about Sedona Framework at AHR 2017
Bullet    Modbus Integration Solved at Galeria Manhattan Shopping Mall
Bullet    Congressman Bill Foster Visits Contemporary Controls

September 2016
Bullet    The Need for Speed and Diagnostics
Bullet    Visit Us at Distech Controls 2016 Converge Conference
Bullet    Hobbyist Platforms for Powerful Edge Controllers - but what Control Language?
Bullet    Understanding Sedona Kits and Kit Manifests

August 2016
Bullet    New EIA-485 Terminator Provides Fail-Safe Biasing for BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU Networks
Bullet    DGLogik Taps the BAScontrol22 to Show Off Speed
Bullet    Custom HVAC and Math Kits Released to the Sedona Community
Bullet    Part 7 of the Contemporary Controls SAE Video Series, Introduction to the Kit Manager, Now Released

July 2016
Bullet    Reduce your Overhead by Enhancing your JACE
Bullet    EIPR Skorpion Router - An Advanced Industrial IP Router
Bullet    BAScontrol Video Series: Using Virtual and Web Components
Bullet    Part 6 of the Contemporary Controls SAE Video Series is now Released

June 2016
Bullet    Sedona Framework Developers Meet at Niagara Summit 2016
Bullet    New Manufacturing Equipment Improve Made in America Production Capability
Bullet    Part 5 of the Contemporary Controls SAE Video Series Now Released

May 2016
Bullet    Redesigned Website is Now Mobile-Friendly
Bullet    "BACnet and Numbers" Published in Foundations
Bullet    Contemporary Controls to Display Open Building Automation Products at IBcon 2016
Bullet    Part 4 of SAE Video Series Now Released
Bullet    Internet+Building Automation Seminar in Tianjin, PRC

April 2016
Bullet    Enhanced JACE Performance and a Truly Open Controller Showcased at Niagara Summit
Bullet    What's Up with the Internet of Things?
Bullet    New Machines Mean Greater Manufacturing Capabilities

March 2016
Bullet    New Features Added to the BACnet Discovery Tool
Bullet    Sedona Application Editor-Easier to Use than Niagara Workbench
Bullet    Communicating with a BACnet Client
Bullet    Sedona Framework Developers Meet at Light+Building 2016

February 2016
Bullet    AHR 2016 – A Success for Contemporary Controls
Bullet    Great Feedback on the Sedona Application Editor
Bullet    Hans Kranz Inducted into the Control Trends Hall of Fame
Bullet    BACnet® Protocol Continues to Help Advance Building Ratings

January 2016
Bullet    BAScontrol22 Sedona Unitary Controller Now Available
Bullet    Open Sedona Application Editor is Now Available
Bullet    Creating an Open Controller – Now with an Open Tool
Bullet    Preview of Booth 1326 at AHR Expo 2016

December 2015
Bullet    28-Port Managed fiber Switch Receives UL 864 Recognition
Bullet    New BACnet Controller at IoT World Forum 2015 Dubai
Bullet    Visit Booth 1326 at AHR 2016
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Nominated as Finalist for Four ControlTrends' Award Categories
Bullet    Happy Holidays From All of Us!

November 2015
Bullet    Visit Us at SPS/IPC Drives
Bullet    Have Confidence in Your Devices
Bullet    AmCham Shanghai Celebrates 100Years
Bullet    We Need Your Vote for Control Trends 2015

October 2015
Bullet    Returning From the Road – What We Shared at Each Event
Bullet    Plugging in from New Hampshire, the 2015 PlugFest Conference
Bullet    Sedona Controller Instrumental in Providing SCADA Simulation
Bullet    CTRLink Managed and Unmanaged Switches Validated Using Spirent TestCenter

September 2015
Bullet    Taking Our Product Innovation on the Road
Bullet    Did You Know? – Using the BAScontrol20 as BACnet/IP Remote I/O
Bullet    Enhance Your JACE with Routers and Gateways
Bullet    New Products Being Showcased

August 2015
Bullet    Diving into the World of DDC Programming
Bullet    Did You Know? – Web Components Link Wire Sheets to Web Pages
Bullet    A New and Improved BACnet Discovery Tool
Bullet    Introduction to BAScontrol20 Video Updated

July 2015
Bullet    Sedona Framework™ – Opportunity for a Truly Open Controller
Bullet    Have Joe Do Your Work for You
Bullet    Tutorial Video on BASbackup Released
Bullet    From Our Archives: Interview with John Pittman, Former Fieldbus Foundation President

June 2015
Bullet    BAScontrol20 Firmware Version 3.1 Released
Bullet    Automation Platform Presentation Shows Why It is Ideally Suited for Building Automation Software Applications
Bullet    Recent Trade Events Highlight Contemporary Controls' Open Source Technology
Bullet    "Network Communications for Buildings" Continues to Receive Praise

May 2015
Bullet    Innovative, Open Source BAS Network Technologies will be Displayed at Haystack Connect 2015
Bullet    Niagara AX Integration via Haystack
Bullet    Sedona Open Controllers
Bullet    Automation Platform
Bullet    Automation Platform — DG5 in a Box

April 2015
Bullet    Contemporary Controls' Leads Discussion on the Automation Application Platform at Haystack 2015
Bullet    One-Armed Router Supporting BACnet Ethernet
Bullet    Interviews with Industry Experts Available Online
Bullet    Solutions that Simplify the Integration to BACnet/IP - Displayed at Niagara Forum

March 2015
Bullet    Enjoy the Benefits of High Speed Gigabit Performance Along with PoE Savings
Bullet    Download Network Communications for Buildings
Bullet    Advantages of BASautomation Products to be Displayed at China Refrigeration Expo
Bullet    Simplify the Integration to BACnet/IP – See and Learn More at Niagara Forum 2015 in London
Bullet    Haystack Connect Emphasizes Latest Techniques for Connecting Systems and Utilizing Data

February 2015
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Wins Two CTA Awards
Bullet    A Successful AHR 2015
Bullet    Decrease Building Controller CPU Usage by Offloading MS/TP Traffic
Bullet    Global BACnet Roadshow Opens in Chicago

January 2015
Bullet    Visit Booth 3531 at AHR 2015
Bullet    Celebrating 40 Successful Years
Bullet    ControlTrends Awards
Bullet    Device Profiles Library Continues to Expand

December 2014
Bullet    Benefits of BACnet® BASautomation Products to be Exhibited at AHR 2015
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Nominated for Five CTA Awards
Simplify the Saving of Sedona Projects with BASbackup

November 2014
Bullet    Modbus Profile Builder Software for the BASgatewayLX is Now Available
Bullet    Using the BASgatewayLX with a Rockwell MicroLogix PLC
Bullet    Scalable Building Strategy Presented at the Building Controls Show
Bullet    Contemporary Controls Tests Products for BACnet® Interoperability with Industry Developer Community
Bullet    Product and Portfolio Solutions for OEMS

October 2014
Bullet    Adding Cube I/O Modules to BACnet Spyder Controllers
Bullet    BACnet PlugFest 2014 – An Event to Test Interoperability
Bullet    Scalable Building Strategy Presented at the Building Controls Show
Bullet    Share the News about Your Project Success
Bullet    Nominate Contemporary Controls for CTA

September 2014
Bullet   What is a BASview and Why Should You Care?
Bullet   Let Us Promote Your Successful Projects for You
Bullet   It’s Time to Nominate Contemporary Controls for the ControlTrends Awards

August 2014
Bullet   The BASremote is Even More Flexible
Bullet   Contemporary Controls to Attend Shanghai International Building Technology 2014
Bullet   Easily Network Your Building Controller
Bullet   Free up Your Building Controller's MS/TP Communications

July 2014
Bullet   Solutions for Expanding the Number of I/O Points in the Field
Bullet   Redundant Sump Pump Controller
Bullet   Using the Sedona Project Backup and Restore Utility
Bullet   Why the Shift to IP Video Surveillance
Bullet   Improved Spanish-Language Technical Support

June 2014
Bullet   BASgatewayLX Quickly Gets Modbus Data Up to the BACnet/IP Infrastructure
Bullet   Contemporary Controls Tests BACnet Interoperability with Devices from Industry Manufacturers at Plugfest BIG-EU
Bullet   Contemporary Controls Sponsors first German-speaking Niagara Forum
Bullet   Video: BASgatewayLX Configuration

May 2014
Bullet   Offloading the JACE
Bullet   BASautomation® Building Automation Products Displayed at Niagara Summit
Bullet   Record Attendance at Light+Building 2014
Bullet   Did You Know from Joe
Bullet   Video: Installing the Workbench Tool

April 2014
Bullet   Offload Your JACE's MS/TP Traffic
Bullet   Offload Your JACE's Modbus Traffic
Bullet   Remote Access for Your JACE
Bullet   Easily Control Your JACE - Single Tool Solution
Bullet   Easily Network Your JACE
Bullet   Video: Installing Sedona Framework™ and Kits

March 2014
Bullet   Did You Know: Three Quick Facts About Our BASautomation Products
Bullet   New BASautomation Products at light+building
Bullet   Controller Area Network (CAN) and Industrial Ethernet Training Day
Bullet   A Sedona Framework Demo Box Application Note
Bullet   Video: Saving and Restoring a Sedona Program

February 2014
Bullet   New BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller Provides Ideal BAS Solution
Bullet   Creating a Web-Based Thermostat Using the BAScontrol20
Bullet   Discover the Advantages of Using Controller Area Network and Industrial Ethernet with Automation Applications
Bullet   A Snowy but Successful AHR Expo
Bullet   Video: Using Sedona Framework™ and the BAScontrol20

January 2014
Bullet   BASautomation Products on Display at AHR Expo - Booth #239
Bullet   BAScloudVPN Remote Monitoring Service on Display at AHR Expo
Bullet   New BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller on Display at AHR Expo
Bullet   Video: Sedona Wire Sheet Development for a BASremote

December 2013
Bullet   Contemporary Controls Highlights BASautomation Products and Solutions at 2014 AHR Expo
Bullet   SPS IPC Drives 2013 Wrap-Up
Bullet   Happy Holidays
Bullet   Video: Accessing a Sedona Device Using Workbench

November 2013
Bullet   Looking Forward to SPS IPC Drives 2013
Bullet   Contemporary Controls Nominated for ControlTrends Award
Bullet   BASrouterLX Advanced Slave Proxy Feature Benefits Users
Bullet   BAScloudVPN Service Benefits Include Reducing Windshield Time

October 2013
Bullet   BASremote Updated with Trending and Password Authentication
Bullet   Make Life Easier when Troubleshooting MS/TP Networks
Bullet   USB Adapter in Stock for EIPR-E Router Wireless Connectivity
Bullet   Tradeshow Report from Building Controls and SIBT
Bullet   Video: Installing Sedona Kits

September 2013
Bullet  IP Router Provides Secure Remote Access Over the Internet
Bullet  New BAScloudVPN Service Offers Secure Remote Internet Communication
Bullet  Expanded BASautomation Product Line Showcased at SIBT 2013

August 2013
Bullet  BASremote Certified for Sedona 1.2
Bullet  New Rugged GigE Switch has PoE Functionality
Bullet  BASrouterLX Gains More Diagnostic Features
Bullet  Video: Understanding EIA-485: 10 Recommendations

July 2013
Bullet  EIPR-E Skorpion IP Router Goes Wireless
Bullet  PoE Splitter Provides 24 VDC Output
Bullet  BASgatewayLX Simplifies Custom Profile Building
Bullet  BASgatewayLX Firmware Update Issued in Response to Java 7u25
Bullet  Video: Understanding EIA-485: Cabling and Repeaters

June 2013
Bullet  Popular Skorpion Ethernet Managed Switch Gains Fiber Option
Bullet  New PCI Express ARCNET Card for Modern PC Motherboards
Bullet  George Thomas Reflects on Embedded Linux Community
Bullet  Video: Understanding EIA-485: Connectors, Grounding and Protection

May 2013
Bullet  PoE Support added to Automation Switch Series
Bullet  Updated BACnet Router Application Guide
Bullet  Video: Understanding EIA-485: Bias and Termination
Bullet  Haystack Connect 2013 – A Successful Launch
Bullet  Introduction to Our Original Design Manufacturer Capability

April 2013
Bullet  New High Performance BACnet Router with Diagnostic Capabilities
Bullet  Updated Site Focuses on Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Bullet  Visit Us at Haystack Connect
Bullet  Understanding EIA-485: Introduction
Bullet  Momentum 2013 a Success

March 2013
Bullet  Roll Your Own Modbus Device Profiles
Bullet  New Automation Switch Series Offers the Highest Port Density
Bullet  Simplify the Integration to BACnet/IP at Niagara Forum London
Bullet  Understanding BACnet Video Part 8: BACnet Compliance
Bullet  Contemporary Controls Welcomes New Product Marketing Manager

February 2013
Bullet  Contemporary Controls a Platinum Sponsor at Momentum2013
Bullet  BACnet and the Internet
Bullet  Understanding BACnet Video Part 7: Device Profiles
Bullet  AHR Expo 2013 Success

January 2013
Bullet  In Time for AHR Expo – an Expanded BASautomation Portfolio
Bullet  Using the BASrouter with a Honeywell Spyder Controller
Bullet  Understanding BACnet Video Part 5: Interoperability
Bullet  Visit Booth 926 at the AHR Expo

December 2012
Bullet  Happy Holidays
Bullet  New BASautomation Products at AHR Expo 2013
Bullet  Remote Monitoring via Cloud-VPN Demonstration at AHR 2013
Bullet  Understanding BACnet Video, Part 5: BACnet BIBBs

November 2012
Bullet  Automation Switch Series Now Available
Bullet  Remote Monitoring via Cloud-VPN Demonstration
Bullet  Understanding BACnet Video, Part 4: BACnet Services

October 2012
Bullet  Visit Us at SPS
Bullet  BACnet PlugFest 2012
Bullet  "Understanding BACnet: Network Types" Video

September 2012
Bullet  Smart Grid Symposium Held in Chicago
Bullet  BASgatewayLX Enhancements
Bullet  Contemporary Controls Gets Social
Bullet  Device Modeling Video

August 2012
Bullet  Seeking Sedona 1.2 Beta Sites
Bullet  Isolating Traffic Through the Use of VLANs
Bullet  Introduction to BASview Video
Bullet  Understanding BACnet Video Series

July 2012
Bullet  New Skorpion 5-port Diagnostic Switch Supports Gigabit Speed When Using Wireshark®
Bullet  Ethernet Switch Now Carries Canadian UL 864 Component Recognition Mark
Bullet  Have your JACE also monitor your Ethernet network
Bullet  More Applications for the BAS Gateway

June 2012
Bullet  Get Modbus Data up to the BACnet/IP Infrastructure Quickly and Easily
Bullet  The BASview Goes Mobile
Bullet  Celebrating 10 years and 37 years
Bullet  What is a BBMD and Why Should I Care?

May 2012
Bullet  Successful Niagara Summit
Bullet  New Simple to Use Modbus to BACnet Gateway
Bullet  New 8-Port Gigabit Switch
Bullet  Industrial Router Advanced Features Video
Bullet  Troubleshooting with the BASrouter Status Screen

April 2012
Bullet  New BASautomation Products Showcased at Light+building 2012
Bullet  Learn About the Scalable Building Strategy at Niagara Summit
Bullet  New Products Coming This May
Bullet  The ABCs of Managed Switches - Concepts & Terminology You Need to Know

March 2012
Bullet  Using the BASrouter with an Alerton Controller
Bullet  Making BACnet a Chinese National Standard
Bullet  Have You Connected the SC Pin?
Bullet  Opportunities to Visit with Contemporary Controls

February 2012
Bullet  Expanded BASautomation Product Line Introduced at AHR Expo 2012
Bullet  Essentials: Options When Diagnosing MS/TP Problems
Bullet  Video Demonstration of RapidRing

January 2012
Bullet  Finally, a Managed Switch at a Manageable Price
Bullet  New BASautomation Products at AHR Expo 2012
Bullet  CCC Receives ISO 9001:2008 Registration

December 2011
Bullet  Customer Feedback Improves Modbus Mapping Functionality
Bullet  Diagnostic Switch and BASview Tested at BACnet PlugFest
Bullet  Contemporary Controls Online Experience Enhanced
Bullet  Happy Holidays from Contemporary Controls

November 2011
Bullet  Introducing the BASview
Bullet  Visit Us at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Show
Bullet  First BACnet Forum for the Asia Pacific Region
Bullet  Contemporary Controls Product Manager Selected to be Marketing Director of the BIG-CN

October 2011
Bullet  Visit Us at the WEEC in Chicago
Bullet  Limiting BACnet Traffic
Bullet  ARCshark Makes Wireshark Compatible with BACnet ARCNET
Bullet  Essentials: BACnet Discovery Tool Better Than Ever

July 2011
Bullet Original Design Manufacturing Service from Your Networking and Controls Supplier
Bullet Using the Skorpion Diagnostic Switch with Wireshark
Bullet Equipment Focus: C Squared Announces Intelligent BACnet Sensors Compatible with BAS Router
Bullet Essentials: SwitchInfo — Free Ethernet Troubleshooting Tool

June 2011
Bullet The Skorpion Series of Ethernet Switches Just Got Smarter
Bullet BAS Remote Application Note Published by Veris Industries
Bullet Remembering Bill Swan
Bullet Essentials: BACnet/IP to MS/TP Router or BACnet MS/TP Repeater — What is Best? (PDF)

May 2011
Bullet The Need for Speed – Going to Gigabit
Bullet BASautomation Line Demonstrated at 2011 Niagara Mini Summit
Bullet Contemporary Controls Participates with the BIG-CN in Guangzhou Building Automation Show
Bullet Essentials: Building on BACnet (PDF)

April 2011
 Essentials: Understanding Ethernet Switches and Routers (PDF)
Bullet New Skorpion IP Router Receives Customer Requested Features
Bullet Niagara Forum Europe 2011 a Great Success
Bullet BCIA Conference 2011 and ConnectFest
Bullet Christian Blenz Joins CCG as Application Engineer

March 2011
BAS Remote Powered by Sedona Framework on Display at the Niagara Summit
Bullet More Features Added to the Skorpion IP Router
Bullet NEW Skorpion Diagnostic Switch teams up with Wireshark

February 2011
BAS Portable Router Recommended by Alerton
Bullet When is an Ethernet Hub Better than an Ethernet Switch?
Bullet Great Traffic at AHR Expo 2011

January 2011
Visit Us as AHR 2011
Bullet Clearance Sale on Select Products
Contemporary Controls Joins the Modbus Organization

December 2010
Bullet Are All USB Cables Created Equal?
Bullet Wind Farm Communications
Bullet Successful 2010 SPS/IPC/DRIVES Show

November 2010
Bullet Contemporary Controls Receives Sedona Framework Certification
Bullet Contemporary Controls Introduces Industrial Ethernet Router
Bullet SPS/IPC/Drives 2010
Bullet BACnet Forum Shanghai
Bullet New Location for UK Office

September 2010
Bullet BAS Remote with PoE in a "Cool" Application
Bullet The BAS Router Helps with BBMD Support
Bullet Introduction to CTRLink Video

August 2010
Bullet Managed Switches Provide the Required Cable Redundancy
Bullet The EIMK Media Converter is Built for You
Bullet Training Materials Now Available on Video

April 2010
Bullet Niagara Summit 2010
Bullet ATA Celebrates Launch of Online ARCNET Resource Center
Bullet Modbus to BACnet Mapping
Bullet Light+Building 2010

March 2010
Bullet Free Upgrades for BAS Router
Bullet The BAS Router Makes the BACnet/IP to MS/TP Connection at Salisbury Courts
Bullet Light+Building Show
Bullet A Successful AHR Expo 2010

January 2010
Bullet  New Products To Be Introduced at AHR Expo 2010
Bullet  Technology Update: Should You Consider PoE?
Bullet  2009 SPS/IPC/Drives Show Report

October 2009
Bullet  Modbus Register Mapping to BACnet® Objects Added to BAS Remote Version 3.0
Bullet  Technology Update: Broadcast Storm Control
Bullet  Paul French Joins CCL as EMEA Sales Manager
Bullet  Free Configuration Tools for Commissioning Modbus to BACnet Mapping

August 2009
Bullet  Sedona Framework Support added to the BAS Remote
Bullet  Technology Update: BACnet Discovery and the BAS Remote
Bullet  Contemporary Controls Helps China Go Green

May-June 2009 Feature Story: Ethernet Switch Obtains UL864 Fire Alarm System Recognition
All new fire alarm and smoke control systems being installed claiming UL 864 compliance must comply with this latest edition.
(PDF Icon 1,113K pdf)

March-April 2009 Feature Story: New Website Launched
Contemporary Controls launches a redesigned website that showcases our success across multiple industries.
(PDF Icon 542K pdf)

January-February 2009 Feature Story: Raising BACnet® to the Next Level
Raising BACnet to the Next Level means that almost every Building Automation System (BAS) will eventually be communicating over an Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure and that Contemporary Controls has the products to assist in making this all happen.
(PDF Icon 687K pdf)

November-December 2008 Feature Story: Switch Your Way to the New EISK16 Ethernet Switch
With 16 ports, Contemporary Controls' new PnP EISK16-100T switch is the easy solution for increasing your network's functionality.
(PDF Icon 1M pdf)

September-October 2008 Feature Story: "Island of Information" Concept
The feature article discusses how the BAS Remote acts as a status manager to provide a wealth of information to Building Automation Systems.
(PDF Icon 1.2M pdf)

July-August 2008 Feature Story: BAS Remote I/O is "Multilingual"
In addition to the BACnet®/IP protocol, the BAS Remote I/O is fluent in Modbus/TCP.
(PDF Icon 352K pdf)

May-June 2008 Feature Story: BACnet® Portable Router Simplifies Field Service and System Checkout
Feature article explains Contemporary Controls' BAS Portable Router, the newest edition to the company's line of building automation BACnet routers.
(PDF Icon 475K pdf)

March-April 2008 Feature Story: Ethernet Infrastructure + BAS Router + Your Ideal Solution
Use the BAS Router to make the BACnet®/IP to BACnet MS/TP connection possible in your next project.
(PDF Icon 431K pdf)

January-February 2008 Feature Story: Finding the Easiest Path
Feature article discusses how the BAS Remote I/O uses the existing Ethernet infrastructure to increase I/O points.
(PDF Icon 560K pdf)

November-December 2007 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Participates in BACnet® Interoperability Workshop
It allowed the company the opportunity to test their BACnet products against a suite of interoperability tests with a number of other products from other vendors.
(PDF Icon 572K pdf)

September-October 2007 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Completes Its Second Phase of Lean Manufacturing
Second phase entails additional training for employees and the modernization of equipment.
(PDF Icon 670K pdf)

July-August 2007 Feature Story: BAS Remote Welcomed at Cochrane Supply's Tridium Mini Summit
Tridium made it quite apparent that they view the BAS Remote as an ancillary device for their Jace controller.
(PDF Icon 893K pdf)

May-June 2007 Feature Story: BAS Remote Talks to VYKON Tridium Jace-2
Feature article explains how BAS Remote I/O points being discovered, read and written by the Jace-2.
(PDF Icon 1.9M pdf)

March-April 2007 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Continues to Grow its Commitment to the BAS Community
The BAS Remote provides cost-effective I/O via the BACnet®/IP networking protocol.
(PDF Icon 1.8M pdf)

January-February 2007 Feature Story: Virtual Industrial Ethernet University Continues to be a Valuable Learning Tool
Learning is of continuing concern in Ethernet technology.
(PDF Icon 889K pdf)

November-December 2006 Feature Story: Prescription for a Healthier Network...Add Fiber
Feature article spotlights the EISK Series of fiber switches.
(PDF Icon 400K pdf)

September-October 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls True Ethernet Media Converter
The company's media converters have been upgraded to take advantage of new components to achieve better cost factors.
(PDF Icon 585K pdf)

July-August 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Releases the USB22 Series of ARCNET® Adapters
The USB22 incorporates a deep memory buffer to hold messages until the OS can service the device via its high-speed USB 2.0 connection. Using this approach, missed messages are rare.
(PDF Icon 468K pdf)

May-June 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Completes its Lead-Free Conversion Process
The company has successfully completed a program to produce RoHS-compliant products.
(PDF Icon 628K pdf)

March-April 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Announces the USB22 Series
Feature article discusses the launch of a new adapter that combines all the advantages of ARCNET® technology.
(PDF Icon 1.2M pdf)

January-February 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls' Commitment to RoHS-Compliant Manufacturing
Company's manufacturing facility in China converts to a lead-free operation.
(PDF Icon 562K pdf)

November-December 2005 Feature Story: Industrial Ethernet Switch Sets New Standard Eliminating Office-Grade Switches
The EISK8-100T switch is only $149 with a five-year warranty.
(PDF Icon 1.2M pdf)

September-October 2005 Feature Story: Five Issues When Selecting Ethernet Switches
Feature article explains why industrial-grade switches are a better alternative to office-grade equipment.
(PDF Icon 872K pdf)

July-August 2005 Feature Story: Why Tighten Our Environmental Standards?
Contemporary Controls takes a positive approach with regards to European Union guidelines on hazardous materials used in electronic products.
(PDF Icon 649K pdf)

May-June 2005 Feature Story: AI-SRVR Provides Connectivity Between ARCNET® and Ethernet Networks
Contemporary Controls has designed a connectivity device that solves the problem of allowing data to pass between ARCNET and Ethernet networks.
(PDF Icon 551K pdf)

March-April 2005 Feature Story: ARCNET® AI-USB Hub Provides Easy Access to ARCNET Networks from USB Port
AI-USB hub gives the user easy access to the network via a PC without removing the cover.
(PDF Icon 560K pdf)