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Christian Blenz Joins CCG as Application Engineer

Contemporary Controls GmbH Team
Contemporary Controls GmbH Team
Christian Blenz, Daniela Märtens-Trappschuh
Kevin Fenner, Nicole Ringleb, Jörg Wehnert
April 2011 - In January 2011, Christian Blenz joined Contemporary Controls GmbH (CCG) as an applications engineer assisting customers in applying our products to their unique needs. CCG is located in the Fugger Business Park in Leipzig, Germany near the Leipziger Messe. A few years ago CCG moved to Leipzig to benefit from its cultural, professional and educational opportunities. Our reasoning paid off because Christian, a Leipzig native, joined our company after receiving his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. During his internship, he worked as a technical assistant at a company in their IT department maintaining networks. He has an excellent grasp of Linux-based routers and will be invaluable at CCG as we introduce our new wired and wireless IP routers. He spent several weeks at our corporate headquarters in Downers Grove, IL USA leaning about managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, media converters, IP routers as well as our building automation products. He has excellent English language skills and will be assisting our customers within the EMEA area. His first opportunity to meet our distributors will be in May at the annual European Sales Meeting which this year will be held in Leipzig.

Distributors will learn more about the Contemporary Controls' CTRLink – Ethernet for Automation products including managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, media converters, PoE injectors and splitters, and our new IP wired and wireless routers. There will be a wireless M2M demonstration on how best to avoid firewall restrictions within buildings in order to gain access to installed automation equipment. Another demonstration will show how the popular Wireshark network protocol analyzer is used with Contemporary Controls' new Diagnostic Switch to capture all network traffic without the need to install an obsolete single-speed Ethernet hub. The Diagnostic Switch becomes an indispensible, but low-cost, device when troubleshooting difficult network problems.

In addition, there will presentations on the company's BASautomation – Building on BACnet product line which allows BAS devices to connect to an IP infrastructure. Not all building automation equipment is BAcnet or even IP-compatible but Contemporary Controls has solutions to these problems. These products include BACnet/IP to BACnet MS/TP and BACnet Ethernet routers, Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU routers, Modbus RTU to BACnet gateways, and Powered by Sedona Framework controllers. Demonstrations will include integrating various Modbus RTU energy meters and thermostats to a BACnet/IP gateway using device profiles developed by Contemporary Controls. Another demonstration will show Sedona Framework's drag-and-drop programming language executing from a simple web appliance.

Although the European Sales Meeting is only open to our distributors, CCG is happy to hold formal or informal training programs for its customers either at our offices in Leipzig or at the customer's location. Contact either Joerg Wehnert ( or Christian Blenz ( for more information.


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