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Learning Center

Industrial Ethernet University

Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) was created to educate the public on the benefits of deploying Industrial Ethernet in a variety of solutions for applications. The material is vendor-neutral and provided free of charge. The on-going purpose of the university is to educate the public for the benefit of the industry.

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Contemporary Controls strongly believes in educating the industry about networking technology. Our print resources are organized by technology. Use the technology topics on the left to browse our learning center. Visit our Video Library for additional resources.

Latest Articles and Resources

Network Communications for BuildingsNetwork Communications for Buildings
Contemporary Controls has published Network Communications for Buildings from a collection of prior articles from our Extension and Essentials that were supplements to our print newsletters beginning in 1999. All the articles have been updated to the latest practice so now the best material on network communications can be found in one concise book. The intention of Network Communications for Buildings is to present the material in a commercial-free format in keeping with the mission of the open-systems movement.

Introduction to BACnet Video Series: Introduction to BACnet
Understanding BACnet is an eight-part video series that provides an overview intended for those who are encountering BACnet for the first time or those who simply wish to review basic BACnet concepts. The series covers the basics of BACnet, including device modeling, network types, BACnet services, interoperability, BBIBs, device profiles and compliance.

Connecting BACnet Devices to an IP InfrastructureWhite Paper: Connecting BACnet Devices to an IP Infrastructure
The BACnet community recognized the need for a convenient method of attaching to IP networks in a meaningful way with the release of BACnet/IP, but many legacy BACnet devices exist and non-IP BACnet devices continue to be produced everyday. This paper reveals how all BACnet devices can effectively share a common IP network ? thereby enhancing the power and convenience of BACnet.