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Energy Harvesting Solutions from EnOcean

For customers interested in energy harvesting, be sure to visit the EnOcean Alliance at Booth C1180. Our EnOcean to BACnet Gateway will be in the EnOcean Alliance booth, and the IoT experts with EnOcean will be demonstrating "self-powered wireless sensor solutions that deliver the required data for intelligent HVAC installations."

EnOcean is a world leader in energy harvesting wireless technology with multiple HVAC solutions that lower installation and maintenance costs.

Our EnOcean to BACnet Gateway allows users to easily integrate their EnOcean sensors and actuators to a BACnet/IP building automation network. Each EnOcean device appears as a virtual BACnet device and EnOcean output devices can be controlled via BACnet.

Learn more about EnOcean and check out the EnOcean to BACnet Gateway in Booth C1180 at AHR Expo 2022.

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