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Cloud-Connected BACnet Controllers

The Edge Controller series has been expanded to include the BASiot-Edge Controllers. These 12-point cloud connected BACnet controllers utilize eMMC flash for robust data storage with drag/drop programming and IoT capabilities to deliver BACnet client/server communication over Ethernet with cloud connection to Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

For a preview of this exciting new product, be sure to attend the AHR Expo Educational Session entitled Cloud-Connected BACnet Controllers with Drag/Drop Programming and IoT Capabilities hosted by Bennet Levine, our research & development manager, on Tuesday, February 1 at 4:40 p.m.

The BASiot-Edge are suitable for a wide array of applications. BACnet client/server communication over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, (external USB to Wi-Fi adapter required), function block diagram (FBD) programmable control, and data processing at the Edge using Sedona come standard.

Its built-in isolated RS-485 port delivers BACnet client/server communication for BACnet MS/TP. The controllers are also fully web page configurable over Ethernet with quick and easy cloud connectivity. The controllers are open, non-proprietary, and easily programmed for systems integrator applications using Sedona open-source, drag and drop programming which is available with Contemporary Controls' free BAScontrol Toolset.

Additional features such as email alarms/notifications, schedules with holidays/exceptions, weather web service, as well as graphical dashboards served over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, make the BASiot-Edge ideal for standalone or BACnet supervised automation applications. These Edge controllers can communicate with the local operational network and supervisory stations or other Edge controllers using the industry standard protocol–BACnet.

By leveraging open IoT protocols such as MQTT, proven security mechanisms such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), and robust and easy to use software as a service cloud solutions (SaaS) such as Azure IoT Central, AWS, and GCP, BASiot-Edge controllers can easily and securely connect to the cloud, effectively making any attached equipment a cloud connected asset. Cloud connectivity is optional, but it provides excellent global asset management and supervision capabilities in multi-site building applications, or multi-branch store or retail chains.

Learn more during the new product presetation at AHR. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

Cloud-Connected BACnet Controllers with Drag/Drop Programming and IoT Capabilities
Tuesday, February 1, from 4:45 PM - 5:05 PM in Theater A - N253

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