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Original Design Manufacturing Service from Your Networking and Controls Supplier

Original Design Manufacturing ServiceJuly 2011 - With 35 years of experience in electronics design, development and manufacturing, Contemporary Controls has developed a rich inventory of intellectual property that is available as an original design and manufacturing (ODM) service. Contemporary Controls has a history supplying networking and control products to key OEMs involved in building and industrial automation. Using our proven technologies, Contemporary Controls can design and manufacture products meeting our customers' requirements allowing them access to markets in the fastest possible time.

Two design centers and two manufacturing locations – one in the United States and the other in China – are available for a customer's custom project. The company's eight-phase product development process flow will take a customer's product from concept to production in the shortest time. The ODM service leverages Contemporary Controls' expertise and resources to allow customers to enter new markets quickly, without having to invest unnecessary time and resources to the development process.

Contemporary Controls offers lead-free surface-mount-technology (SMT) electronics manufacturing in the United States and China while complying with the requirements for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) European Union directive. Both locations use the latest in Panasonic placement machines capable of accurately placing fine-pitch components. Placement machines are programmed using PanaPro® computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software allowing for the transfer of manufacturing data between locations. The Vitronics multi-stage heating/cooling reflow ovens are identical allowing the sharing of process data between the plants. Through-hole assembly and wave soldering are also supported. As a member, Contemporary Controls relies upon workmanship standards established by IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

The Downers Grove, IL manufacturing plant focuses on lower-volume, higher-mix products or those products requiring Made-in-America compliance or a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) certificate. For higher-volume, lower-mix, cost-sensitive requirements, the Suzhou, PRC plant offers the highest production capacity as well as expanded logistics support. As a wholly-foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) under US leadership, the Suzhou plant is located in a technology park close to numerous electronics and mechanical suppliers.The Suzhou plant offers other services such as component sourcing to further reduce costs. A customer's intellectual property (IP) is protected at either plant location. Both plants are under Underwriters Laboratories (UL) surveillance.

Contemporary Controls provides three types of custom manufacturing:

Private Label Product (PL)
This is the simplest approach. The customer selects one of Contemporary Controls' standard products and the company applies the customer's brand to the product. Product performance is not impacted with the changes.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)
Using one of Contemporary Controls' standard products as a basis for design, hardware and software are modified to meet the customer's requirements. This allows the customer to leverage Contemporary Controls intellectual property to reduce design risk and speed time to market.

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
A customer partners with Contemporary Controls for manufacturing and logistics needs. Using the customer's proven designs, Contemporary Controls source components locally, manufacture, test and warehouse the finished goods. With two manufacturing locations, Contemporary Controls can meet the customer's global requirements and reduce product cost.

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