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Expanding the Number of I/O Points in the Field

IO ModulesBACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU input and output modules provide a convenient way for expanding the number of I/O points in the field. These modules, called "Cube I/O", are compact, cost-effective modules available with analog and digital inputs and outputs in varying combinations.

In a MS/TP application, if the controller is short a few I/O points, the Cube I/O is an easy addition. Wire the module to the MS/TP communication cable, use the existing 24 VAC power (assuming your other devices are half-wave rectified) and discover the points as standard objects via a BACnet client. You are now ready to build on your application.

Need some retentive inputs for counting utility pulses (gas, water, air, electricity) but your controller is not retentive, or cannot support an accumulator function, or has no free input points - no problem. Use the BMT-SI4 (4 independent points) accumulating pulses at a rate of 16 pulses per second. Expand the scope of the project with minimal additional expense.

The analog MS/TP and Modbus RTU input modules both support 10K type 3 thermistors, 0 to 10 VDC, and in addition Balco 500 RTD and PT and NI sensors. Cube analog input module provides support for a comprehensive variety of sensors for those applications requiring standard and specialty sensors.

Planning on using the BASgatewayLX to convert some Modbus data to BACnet/IP instances? If you need to pick up some additional points, either input or outputs the Cube I/O can be added to the BASgatewayLX and the head end BACnet/IP controller can read and write the added Cube I/O in addition to obtaining the data from the Modbus device(s). Need to add some retentive pulse accumulators? Use the Modbus RTU MR-SI4 to get the job done.

The modules are designed to minimize wiring. If multiple Cube I/O modules are used in an installation each module can be jumped to the module next to it, and then the next module jumped to the next and so on. This provides a quick and clean installation. All power and communications are jumped between the modules. In fact, the Cube line offers a 24 VDC power supply that can be the head end of a chain of jumped Cube I/O.

Visit the Cube I/O product page to learn more.


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