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Where is SedonaDev.Org?

As some of you Sedona aficionados noticed, the SedonaDev.Org website no longer exists. This was the site hosted by Tridium when it was supporting Sedona Framework — a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications.

The Sedona technology, open-source license, downloadable code and documentation all resided on the SedonaDev.Org site. The Sedona Alliance now provides a copy of the original documentation and the Sedona development files on the Sedona Alliance resources page. Separately, Tridium, Inc. maintained a certification program that allowed companies to use their trademark Powered by Sedona Framework™ for products that passed their conformance test. That program no longer exists but Tridium retains the rights to this trademark and logo and to Sedona Framework™ and their rights should be respected. The Sedona Alliance is not affiliated in any way with Tridium, Inc. and recognizes Tridium's ownership of these trademarks.

"Several people reached out to us requesting the files, including the compiler," said Bennet Levine, a member of the Sedona Alliance. "Because Sedona was made available to the public under an Academic Free License (AFL 3.0), we are able to provide a copy while still respecting Tridium's original copyright."

The last Sedona release found on SedonaDev.Org was Sedona 1.2.28. Development of the Sedona technology beyond this release is now being assumed by the Sedona Alliance, a community interested in keeping this open-source technology (under AFL 3.0) open for all to use.

Another casualty due to the absence of SedonaDev.Org is the discussion group Sedonadev. The Sedona Alliance intends on creating its own Sedona forum called Sedona Open Control to facilitate renewed discussions on topics of interest from the Sedona community.

The Sedona Alliance represents the interests of a Sedona community consisting of developers who make Sedona products, integrators that create Sedona applications, and users that benefit from its deployment. The mission of the Sedona Alliance is to promote Sedona as the premier open control software environment available for use by the public without restriction.

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