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BASpi Provides the Control Solution for Remote, Unmanned AC Units

"Remote" and "unmanned" are two challenges that inspire an automation solution. In this case, a BASpi-6U6R was installed at a broadcast site located at 12,000 feet elevation to monitor and control a lead-lag application of two AC units based on run-time. Check out the view from this site!

"I am using the BASpi to control two latching relays to swap the AC units every 24 hours of actual runtime in a remote, unmanned broadcast site," said one of our early BASpi adopters. "I used the LeadLag component from the CControls_HVAC Sedona kit to program two BASpi units for use as AC Lead-Lag with latching relays. I like the run-proof built into the LeadLag component—it simplifies the programing. I am also controlling the air dampers and exhaust fan from the BASpi. I am using the damper and exhaust fan as an economizer separate from the AC for better control. Controlling the Econo with the BASpi will reduce the electric consumption by approximately 50% because it lets the shelters cool via outside air when the temperature allows. The outside air seldom gets above 66°F at this site—it is the solar intensity that heats the building the most."

A 24VDC to 5VDC power supply was installed to utilize the battery-backed power supply already in the control panel. This allows alarms, cameras and system status to be accessed in the event of power failure.

The BASpi universal inputs are set for binary inputs used with current relays for monitoring the Evap Fan, Condenser Fan and Compressor for a command fail application which will swap them if one fails. This also allows for a "fail" email to be sent with actual part numbers, so a work order can be handed off for repair without an expensive trouble shoot call.

This unmanned job site is in a remote location that is difficult to access without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Using the BASpi as a local supervisor with a cloud connection provides a solution to bring these job sites to one login screen for the site manager.

"I really like the ability to program the controller for stand-alone operation using Sedona and be able to grab the points from BACnet/IP over Ethernet or Wi-Fi instead of using a "dumb" IO box. It helps save processor power in the supervisor as well. I am excited about the potential for the BASpi in many applications for a lot of reasons, but most importantly because of the Sedona programming and because it is such a cost-effective solution."

Visit the BASpi product page to learn more.


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