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Contemporary Controls on the Road in 2019

SIBTWe have just exhibited at two innovative shows, half a world apart.

Contemporary Controls joined other members of the EnOcean Alliance at the leading expo for China's intelligent building industry, the 13th edition of Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) show from September 3rd to 5th in Shanghai. This is one of the largest shows in China, promoting concepts designed to realize the goal of widespread creation of sustainable buildings. The EnOcean Alliance was formed to highlight devices that comply with the EnOcean standard, an energy harvesting wireless standard dedicated to automation solutions using self-powered wireless switches and sensors.

We showed gateway connectivity to EnOcean devices using our BASpi Edge Controller (w/EnOcean dongle) with the ability to push data to Azure IoT Central. The BASpi offers BACnet connectivity to these cutting-edge IoT devices for equipment control and intelligent data harvesting. We garnered a great deal of interest at the show, as there is a world-wide trend to utilize distributed sensors and real-time data to optimize energy efficiency and occupant comfort within structures.

Our second show this month was the Innovation Showcase in Pewaukee Wisconsin. A historic lakeside town in southeast Wisconsin, it is the home of Tri-Phase Automation, a hi-tech automation distributor. We joined over 30 other manufacturers on September 10th at their Innovation Showcase, an educational event which included demonstrations, technology sessions, and the latest information on automation and control trends.

We exhibited our industrial-grade Skorpion IP Routers and how they can be utilized to save valuable time at a jobsite by eliminating configuration changes when machines or subsystems are added. Modern factories are comprised of complex equipment that communicates via the Internet Protocol (IP). If a new addition to the facility has a conflict with other plant addresses, then time must be spent modifying and troubleshooting in order to allow its integration. Skorpion routers allow the added equipment to retain their original IP settings and integrate with minimal effort. Switches and routers with auto-negotiation for 10/100/1000 Mbps are available. Industrial grade unmanaged switches for plug-and-play operation and managed switches offering redundancy were also shown.

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