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Contemporary Controls to Attend Building Automation Conference

BAC 2019Contemporary Controls will be exhibiting our products and offering presentations at the Building Automation Conference being held September 26th and 27th at the Frankfurt Airport, Germany. Hosted by the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU), the conference this year features a two-pronged emphasis on cyber security in building automation and system integration in city centers.

Increasing digitization and networking in buildings is creating new opportunities for energy efficiency and comfort. However, it also increases the danger of unauthorized manipulation and criminal attack. Hackers are targeting smart building systems using weaknesses in products and interfaces. Contemporary Controls is well aware of the dangers involved when getting your BACnet devices onto the Internet. Our recently published BBMD instruction sheet "What is BBMD and Why Should I Care" devotes an entire section, titled With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, that discusses the best security practices when using BBMD. We also offer VPN services with our RemoteVPN subscription service and VPN enabled routers. Don't miss our presentation during the show where we discuss cyber security, our BASpi Edge Controllers, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With urbanization, the demand for the constructions of city centers which offer housing, hotels, shops, and ancillary services under one roof is growing world-wide. They are becoming the new meeting place for urban life. To integrate building automation systems under one roof, building owners and planners increasing rely on the manufacturer-independent BACnet standard. Energy management, resident comfort, fire protection, and transportation devices (such as elevators and escalators) utilizing BACnet ensures that the building functions smoothly in all areas. Contemporary Controls offers a wide family of BASautomation BACnet Supervisors, Routers, Gateways, Controllers, and Thermostats for application in all these areas. In addition, we are pleased to provide custom solutions in situations where BACnet compliance is not readily available.

We look forward to seeing you at the show. For more information about our products at the show and show registration, visit our Upcoming Event page.


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