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Introducing the BASview - a Simple, Web-Based Graphical Interface

BASviewNovember 2011 - BASview is a stand-alone, embedded, web-based graphical interface for building automation and process automation systems. It can be accessed from any web browser – providing client functionality to any BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP system. By using Contemporary Controls BASrouter, BASgate or BASgateway products, additional protocols such as BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII are supported.

The BASview is simple to install and use. A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection is all that is needed. Client features include animated graphic screens, scheduling, historical trending, runtime accumulation and alarm monitoring. BASview will automatically toggle outputs and change setpoints on schedule, collect runtime and trend data, and monitor alarm conditions. As an embedded device, BASview uses Flash memory for internal storage instead of a hard disk to maintain its ruggedness. The BASview is totally self-contained, requiring no external PC or application for its use. Any number of web browser users can access the device. The only requirement is the installation of an Adobe Flash player in the browser. There are no other licensing requirements to use the product.

The BASview is ideal for small to medium buildings or processes that require a simple-to-use graphical interface with no licensing requirements. The BASview is housed in a compact metal enclosure that is panel mounted. It requires a 5 VDC voltage source and is shipped with a universal mains input power supply. Internally powered by a 200 MHz ARM9 CPU, it has 64 MB SDRAM and 512 MB NAND flash memory for data storage. Besides the single Ethernet RJ-45 shielded connector, there are two USB ports reserved for proprietary I/O expansion. The device has a watchdog timer for automatic recovery and a battery-backed real-time clock. Simply connect the device to a BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP Ethernet network to access both BACnet and Modbus compliant equipment. For non-Ethernet based equipment, BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP routers or Modbus serial to Modbus TCP routers can be used. By using Modbus serial to BACnet/IP gateways, the complete system can be treated as a BACnet system.

Any web browser that supports Adobe Flash player can access the BASview. Simultaneous users are also supported.

Visit the BASview product page for more details.


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