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Understanding BACnet Video Part 5: Interoperability

January 2013 - Whoops! We were a little too quick to publish the BACnet BIBBs episode in our Understanding BACnet series.  To understand BIBBs better, you need to watch the video entitled Interoperability Areas first. Both are available in our Learning Center.

The Understanding BACnet Series is an overview intended for those who are encountering BACnet for the first time or those who simply wish to review basic BACnet concepts.

In Understanding BACnet Part 5: Interoperability, we discuss Data Sharing, Alarm and Event Management, Scheduling, Trending, and Device and Network Management.

In Understanding BACnet Part 6: BACnet BIBBs, we discuss BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks (BIBBs). Attention is given to how BIBBs are used to clarify the BACnet client/server concept and how BIBBs relate to device profiles.

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