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BACnet PlugFest 2014 - An Event to Test Interoperability

Plugfest 2014October 2014 - Contemporary Controls is attending the upcoming BACnet International PlugFest 2014 - the industry's leading workshop for companies to perform interoperability testing for their BACnet® enabled solutions. Contemporary Controls has attended numerous PlugFests over the years and find them to be constructive. PlugFest 2014 is scheduled from October 28 - 30th at the Charleston Marriott in Charleston, SC.

Ninety Industry Engineers Working Together

Ninety engineers representing over 30 building automation manufacturers have the opportunity to test their devices with other manufacturer devices. A primary objective is to check products for interoperability and other potential issues. Testing is done in a friendly opened-minded atmosphere supportive of sharing best practices. Software developers can check code when communicating with BACnet devices from manufacturers that they may not have tested with before. This interoperability testing supports open source communication.

"Over the years, Plugfests have been great events for us to test our devices for interoperability with BACnet by physically connecting them into a running network between different vendors. These events allow us to identify and solve a perceived connectivity issue between vendors before our products get in our customers hands," states, Bennet Levine, R & D Manager, Contemporary Controls.

Contemporary Controls will be testing products within the BASautomation product line that include the BASremote, the BAScontrol20, the BASrouterLX, and the BASgatewayLX, along with new products under development.

For information on BASautomation produts view our BASautomation product page.

PlugFest 2014 will feature several different opportunities for attendees, including: one-on-one testing sessions designed to allow each team to test their products with other company's product based on a formalized schedule, round table testing which will allow vendors to conduct unscheduled testing on days 2 and 3 of the workshop, and various BACnet training sessions. PlugFest 2014 is the 15th annual interoperability workshop.

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