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New Products Coming This May

Niagara Summit 2012April 2012 – Contemporary Controls will be introducing several new products this May.

"Our mission is to make it simple to connect field devices to BACnet/IP," said Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager of Contemporary Controls. "These new products make it easier for systems integrators to do more jobs effectively."

The popular BASrouter portfolio will be expanded in May to include a high performance BACnet router that has built-in diagnostic capabilities that aid in commissioning or troubleshooting BACnet MS/TP networks in the field. The BASrouterLX is a high-performance BACnet router providing stand-alone routing between BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet, and BACnet MS/TP – all at the same time. It can also route between two BACnet/IP networks while supporting Network Address Translation (NAT). Besides its high-speed processor, it has advanced features such as auto-discovery of MS/TP slaves, MS/TP frame capture and storage for use with Wireshark®. It supports foreign device registration and is a BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device where up to 50 BBMD entries can be made to its Broadcast Distribution Table.

Contemporary Controls commitment to IP-based controls is further evidenced by the introduction of the BAScontrol20 – a 20 point BACnet/IP Field Controller that includes Sedona Framework technology from Tridium. Ideally suited for structured wiring systems, the BAScontrol20 is BACnet/IP compliant with a B-ASC device profile. Having a resident Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM), the unit is freely programmable using either Niagara Workbench or Sedona Workbench. For remote Ethernet I/O applications, the unit can be configured with minimal effort using a web browser. The BAScontrol20 provides a convenient mix of eight universal inputs, four binary inputs, four binary outputs as well as four analog outputs. Models exist for both triac and relay outputs. The unit is ideal for unitary control or for expanding I/O points in the field via an Ethernet connection.

Finally, to make Modbus serial devices appear as individual BACnet devices, Contemporary Controls has introduced the BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Gateway designed to make gateway commissioning as simple as possible.

Click here to learn more about BASautomation and get a preview to some of our new products.


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