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Great Feedback on the Sedona Application Editor

February 2016 - Last month we introduced our Sedona Application Editor to the Sedona community. This open programming tool allows you to develop control applications on a PC without restriction. We have been saying that to have an open controller you need an open programming language - Sedona Framework - and an open programming tool - Sedona Application Editor (SAE). We have received great feedback on the Sedona tool. First of all it works! By simply installing the proper platform, kits and manifests SAE can be used with any Sedona 1.2 controller.

Right now we are having a problem with Sedona 1.0 controllers but this will be fixed. We have received other comments to improve the product and we have added those comments to our list of future enhancements. We encourage those who are interested in learning about the Sedona Framework technology or becoming part of the Sedona community to download a copy of our SAE tool. It runs in a Java environment on a PC. Included in the download is the SVM-PC, a PC-based Sedona Virtual Machine. This allows you to evaluate Sedona and write your own Sedona applications that can be executed on your PC without the need to purchase a Sedona controller. If you happen to have a Sedona controller, you now have a programming tool you can use besides Workbench.

SAE can be downloaded for free from our website by simply registering your interest. We ask that you register so that we can keep you informed about any SAE updates and for any news from the Sedona community. Contemporary Controls is a Sedona community member and SAE is intended to work with any Sedona compliant controller besides those from Contemporary Controls. As an open control technology, we are interested in sharing with others any comments that would improve Sedona so all can benefit.

If you are new to Sedona, please view our newly released video series; the Sedona Application Editor Part 1: Introduction, and Part 2: Variable Types. Part 1 provides an overview of the Sedona Application Editor and Part 2 provides more in-depth detail on the types of variables used by Sedona. With Sedona, a user has four variable types: Boolean, float, integer and long. Knowledge of the variable types will help viewers gain a better understanding of Sedona.

By using SAE and the SVM-PC, you can learn how to create control applications with Sedona right on your computer. It only takes a time investment on your part rather than investing in a controller that you may not have. This free editor and simulated controller allow you to learn Sedona before purchasing your first Sedona controller.

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