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Solutions that Simplify the Integration to BACnet/IP - Displayed at Niagara Forum

Niagara LondonApril 2015 - System integrators and others interested in solutions that simplify the integration to BACnet/IP had an opportunity to see and learn first-hand, during the Niagara Forum in London, our BASautomation® products that do just that - simplify the integration to BACnet/IP. These products include:

  • BACnet/IP unitary controllers that execute freely-programmable Sedona Framework™ wire sheets and flexible visualization platforms including Niagara Framework® for alarming, scheduling and trending.
  • Standalone BACnet routers that allow for the connection of BACnet MS/TP and BACnet Ethernet devices to BACnet/IP. The BASrouterLX with its extensive BBMD support allows BACnet devices to operate over a large sub-netted IP network. Our BASrouter's offload building controller MS/TP communications - freeing up valuable controller CPU time for other activities.
  • Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP to BACnet/IP gateways with predefined Modbus device profiles that interface with Modbus TCP and Modbus Serial (RTU or ASCII) devices to BACnet/IP. Numerous predefined Modbus device profiles have been developed by Contemporary Controls and are located on our website. This makes configuration simple with only having to check off boxes on a web page.
  • Infrastructure connectivity products including managed, unmanaged Ethernet switches, wired and wireless IP routers, media converters, PoE injectors and splitters, all designed and built to take any device to the internet.

The Niagara Forum continues to be the largest gathering of EMEA industry professionals and practitioners who develop applications built around open, interoperability, integration and connectivity. 

"We have been attending Niagara Forums for a while and the focus has always been on open systems and interoperability," states Paul French, EMEA Sales Manager Contemporary Controls. "We have developed several Sedona Framework and Niagara based products. For instance, we utilize NiagaraAX Framework in our scalable building strategy because of the wealth of integration options and its flexible control hierarchy."

Behind Contemporary Controls' BASautomation products is a commitment to open protocols such as Modbus and BACnet, open technologies such as Sedona Framework and Niagara Framework, and IP networks. Learn more by visiting our BASautomation product line.

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