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Contemporary Controls Provides BACnet Interface for People-Movers at Manchester (UK) Airport

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has awarded contracts to numerous vendors to assist with the enhancement and expansion of their Terminal 2, with the goal of positioning Manchester Airport as the global gateway for the North of England. Twenty-four airlines operate to countries all over the world from Terminal 2. One of the requirements is that all devices installed in the terminal are required to be BACnet IP compatible. BACnet is an international data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. Today there are literally millions of BACnet devices in use worldwide, many of them in municipal facilities such as airports.

Otis Elevator Company was selected to provide the people-mover solutions for Terminal 2. They turned to Contemporary Controls Ltd (CCL) for assistance with the connection of their products–including elevators, escalators, and moving walkways–with the Delta Controls head-end Building Management System (BMS) being installed. Working with all parties, CCL developed a turn-key solution that satisfies everyone's requirements. The BAScontrol22 (BASC-22R) was chosen for this application. It is a 22-point unitary controller that supports BACnet/IP and Sedona using Ethernet connections. The controller has a convenient mix of physical I/O points, including 8 universal inputs, 4 contact closure inputs, 4 analog outputs, and 6 relay outputs. 48 web components and 24 virtual points are supported as well and are web-page configurable. Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports supports BACnet/IP and other protocols.

For the Terminal 2 installation, dry contact switches are used to monitor six points on each lift (elevator) and five points on each escalator or moving walkway. Alarm status, out-of-service condition, fire recall and power failure conditions are monitored on each device, with staff at the head-end station able to monitor operation and dispatch the appropriate personnel based upon the problem reported. The controllers are located in confined spaces such as elevator shafts and as such require environmental protection. Contemporary Controls Ltd designed and provided IP66 level enclosures with gland protection for all input and output wiring. Each enclosure features a mains power disconnect, low voltage power supply, and BASC-22R controller.

"I am happy with both the device and level of support and would be more than happy to specify the Contemporary Controls BASautomation devices for future jobs at MAG," said Mr. Andy Garratt, BMS Systems Engineer, Utilities & Energy, Manchester Airport.


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