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Firmware Update Available for BASgatewayLX

BASgatewayLXJune 2017 - Firmware 2.0.1 is now available for the BASgatewayLX, a Modbus to BACnet gateway. With the new firmware, users will no longer need Java applet support to view or configure the BASgatewayLX webpages. In addition, the maximum number of mapped Modbus RTU or TCP/IP devices is increased, new security features are added and the mapping status page has been improved.

Go to the BASgatewayLX Firmware page to download firmware 2.0.1.

Release Notes:

  • Maximum number of mapped Modbus RTU or TCP/IP devices is increased, so up to 100 devices and 1,000 points can now be mapped
  • Java applet support in the web browser is no longer required to view or configure the BASgatewayLX’s webpages
  • A allowlist feature is added for increased security that allows for configuring known IP client devices without the risk of unauthorized BACnet discoveries
  • Mapping status web page improvements
  • Compatible with existing device firmware configuration

About the BASgatewayLX

With firmware 2.0.1, the BASgatewayLX supports up to 100 Modbus serial devices with each device appearing as an individual BACnet device. Each one of the attached devices supports RTU and ASCII serial along with Modbus TCP slave devices attached over Ethernet. The BASgatewayLX functions as a master to all slave devices. Collectively, all the Modbus TCP and Modbus serial devices are assigned to a virtual BACnet network number during configuration. A list of Modbus device profiles for common Modbus devices is available from Contemporary Controls.

If you need a profile for a manufactures' device that you do not see listed we will work with you to get it developed. One of the reasons our BASgatewayLX is so popular is because we’ve developed a Modbus Device Profile Library for more than 100 popular product models. Creating a device profile can take several hours of development time, so being able to leverage our device profile library is a powerful cost-savings advantage. If a product model isn't in the library, just call us and we’ll create that device profile for you.

Visit the BASgatewayLX product page to learn more.


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