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BAScontrol Toolset Helps Students "Build on BACnet"

At Contemporary Controls, we take great pride in our commitment to education and training. We have joined forces with several affiliated colleges and technical schools to create an automation classroom/lab experience that mimics real-world applications of building automation and energy management systems using equipment that is intuitive and user-friendly.

As part of this commitment, Contemporary Controls has developed the BAScontrol Toolset, a free set of software tools designed to simplify controller programming, emulation, and project archiving.

The BAScontrol Toolset includes:

  • Sedona Application Editor (SAE) to develop Sedona wiresheet applications
  • BASemulator to emulate full controller operation on a Windows PC for testing and development of applications.
  • BASbackup to store/restore/replicate real or emulated controller settings and BACnet configurations, as well as Sedona wiresheet applications.

The BASemulator can emulate the operation of any of the controllers in Contemporary Controls' BASautomation line—BAScontrol, BASpi-IO, and BASpi-Edge. Built upon BACnet open protocol and Sedona open-source programming language, our controllers are license-free and are available to all without restrictions.

"Our free SAE and BASemulator allow students to learn Sedona programming even without a controller," said Bennet Levine, R&D manager at Contemporary Controls. "We also offer our low cost BASpi-IO to provide students with hands-on product training both in the classroom and from home."

In addition to our free software tools, Contemporary Controls offers a set of pre-built Sedona applications available for free download. These applications come complete with a pre-assigned BACnet points list, sequence of operation, system schematic, and suggested device list.

"We developed pre-built components for a training program at College of DuPage to simulate a zone in a facility," said Levine. "This is useful when teaching students about heating or cooling control. For example, when the component is being heated, its space temperature will rise, and the student's Sedona control logic should respond to the rising temperature. Without heat, it's space temperature will start to drop, and the student's logic will need to react to this situation. When this component is placed onto a real controller, it's behavior can be monitored and graphed via our free BACnet Discovery Tool to show the student how well their Sedona logic is operating over time."

Contemporary Controls strives to help students "Build on BACnet" in building automation and energy management systems and teach them how to facilitate a robust and low-cost HVACR/BAS automation system with controller programming, network integration, building supervision, and secure remote access. Learn more by reviewing our Education and Training Handout.


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