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BAScontrol Toolset Quick Start Guide

BAScontrol Toolset User Manual

Introduction to the BAScontrol Toolset
Explains how to get started with the BASemulator, SAE and BASbackup.

Sedona Open Control Reference Manual
In this comprehensive reference manual regarding Sedona, components from Tridium-release kits are explained along with Contemporary Controls' hardware-independent and hardware-dependent kits. Examples are shown on how components can be configured and linked to create applications.

Understanding Sedona Components using BASControl Toolset
Uses the BAScontrol Toolset to demonstrate how components in the various kits can be linked together to facilitate the building of applications.

BAScontrol Pre-Built Applications
Pre-built constant volume RTU applications now available

Contemporary Controls has developed the BAScontrol Toolset, which is a free set of software tools for Windows PC used to develop Sedona wire sheet applications, save the application and full configuration to a single file, as well as emulate full controller operation on PC for testing and development of applications with support for the BAScontrol, BASpi-IO, and BASpi-Edge series of controllers. These controller series are built on Sedona — a license-free function block programming software environment used to create data processing and control applications. The toolset is installed in a Contemporary Controls folder on the PC and uses the provided Component Bundle of standard Sedona 1.2 release kits along with Contemporary Controls' custom platform-dependent and platform-independent Sedona kits. Kits can be updated or new custom kits can be added to the data folder at any time without impacting the toolset.

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The following tools are included in the BAScontrol Toolset.

Sedona Application Editor (SAE)

An Open Programming Tool for an Open Controller

Sedona Application Editor (SAE) is a software tool used to create custom function block (component) wire sheet applications in the Sedona environment. Using a drag-and-drop methodology, components residing in kits are placed on a wire sheet, configured, and interconnected with other components to create data processing and control applications. By keeping the Sedona kits database in the Component Bundle updated with the latest kits, SAE can program any model of the BAScontrol, BASpi-IO, and BASpi-Edge series of controllers. Learn more.

BASbackup – Controller Project Utility

Storing/Restoring and Replicating your Projects

BASbackup is a project utility which provides a convenient way of storing/restoring and replicating the Sedona wire sheet application as well as full web page configuration of real or emulated controllers. Although you can store and restore a Sedona application (SAX) file with the Sedona Application Editor, BASbackup allows you to save both the Sedona application files and full web page configuration to a single file which can then be restored to another controller, used for project archiving, or easy project replication. Learn more.

BASemulator – Controller Emulation on PC

Next Best Thing to a Real Controller

BASemulator is a software utility used to emulate full controller operation on PC. Controller emulation is useful for application testing and development even when you do not have access to the real controller. Upon starting controller emulation with the BASemulator, a web page is launched where I/O channel, network, BACnet, and all other controller configuration can be accomplished. The Sedona Application Editor (SAE) connects to the emulated platform allowing the user to create the wire sheet application. All of the controller’s I/O channel, virtual points, and web components including Sedona logic can be viewed and edited with SAE as if it was the real controller. All web pages used for displaying point status and configuration appear on your web browser as if it was the real controller. BASbackup project utility is used to save both wire sheet application and web page configuration from the emulated platform to a single file which can then be restored/replicated to real controllers. Learn more.