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Part 4 of SAE Video Series Now Released

May 2016 - The latest video created in Contemporary Controls multi-part Sedona Application Editor (SAE) video series discusses the components found in the Math Kit. The Math Kit contains numerous components like MinMax, AverageN and Round which help to give users a higher level of control over their devices. The video details examples of how to use each component as well as how to set individual component properties akin to minimum and maximum accepted component values. View the video.

Popularized by Tridium's Niagara Framework, Sedona Framework is a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, connected devices for control applications. Contemporary Controls' SAE utilizes Sedona Framework to enable graphical development of control applications for Sedona devices. SAE contains a variety of kits and components readily available for users to control their devices.

For those of you new to the SAE, you can download your free copy here. For existing SAE users, the latest version (1.0.8) is now available. This upgrade includes the ability to run on PCs which have both 32-bit and 64-bit Java installed, support for Sedona 1.0.x devices and more. If you haven't received an email notifying you of the upgrade, please contact us at so we can send you a link to the latest version.

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