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Contemporary Controls to Display Open Building Automation Products at IBcon 2016

May 2016 - Contemporary Controls will be displaying building automation products - all built on open standards - at the upcoming IBcon 2016 in Silicon Valley on June 21 - 23. IBcon has grown to become an important forum for leading edge discussion on intelligent buildings. Open standards such as BACnet, Sedona Framework, and OpenVPN are important in the evolution of intelligent buildings.

Products on display include a low-cost BACnet supervisor, Sedona Framework field controllers and remote access solutions based upon OpenVPN.

Powered by DGLogik, the BASsupervisorDG5 is a sophisticated graphical head-end with an HTML5 user interface as well as trending, alarming and scheduling capabilities. It is BACnet/IP compliant with two resident optically-isolated serial ports that can integrate to Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP. A four-port Gigabit Ethernet switch facilitates IP connections to Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP servers.

The BAScontrol Series is a line of BACnet unitary controllers complying with the B-ASC device profile that support both BACnet/IP and Sedona Framework (SOX) protocol. Also on display are our BASrouters, which route from BACnet/IP to BACnet MS/TP facilitating communication between the management and field levels.

Contemporary Controls offers two solutions for remote monitoring - one a cloud based VPN solution and the other a client/server VPN solution that makes a direct connection over the Internet.

With the cloud-based VPN solution, the Contemporary Controls' hosted BAScloudVPN server provides the critical connection between two VPN clients - one installed on the user's PC and the other permanently installed at the job site. With the direct connection option, the OpenVPN server is hosted at the systems integrators' place of business requiring only an Internet connection.

Contemporary Controls products will be on display at booth 515. We look forward to visiting with you. For a preview of our display, click on the panels below.

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