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New Self-HostedVPN Application Guide Available

A VPN service, such as Contemporary Controls' RemoteVPN subscription service, provides secure communication and the convenience of remote access without the burden of having to maintain the VPN server.

However, for network savvy customers, Contemporary Controls offers a Self-HostedVPN solution which allows users to set up and maintain their own secure, remote access without subscription fees and without the need for a cloud-based VPN server.

Contemporary Controls' EIGR-V Skorpion Gigabit IP router can be configured to operate in OpenVPN server mode which allows the router to act as the VPN server with the ability to support our wired and cellular routers as VPN clients. OpenVPNĀ® is a well-supported open-source VPN technology that incorporates SSL/TLS security with encryption. Any IP program (TCP or UDP) can communicate via Self-HostedVPN. Once the VPN connection is established, messages can originate from either side ā€“eliminating the need for port-forwarding. OpenVPN clients for PC, MAC, Android, and iOS devices are all available and are free to download.

One EIGR-V in OpenVPN server mode can support up to 15 wired/cellular IP routers in OpenVPN client mode clients and 15 OpenVPN clients are on PC/tablet/phone. These PC clients can be located anywhere that has Internet connectivity. With this arrangement, PC/tablet/cell phone clients and client routers in remote locations can communicate securely using the services of this one EIGR-V OpenVPN server to devices behind the VPN client routers. An additional benefit is that each PC client can be configured to communicate with one or more router clients independent of each other.

A new Self-HostedVPN application guide (PDF) is available on our website. It has been updated to reflect the latest advances in our CTRLink VPN router family such as the EIPR-V, EIGR-V, and EIGR-C with both wired and wireless router options. Eight typical applications are shown in the guide, with numerous alternatives described for each implementation. This application guide will teach you how to incorporate a VPN into almost any situation you can imagine, and maybe some you haven't even thought of yet.

Visit the IP Routers page to learn more about how our IP routers can ease the integration of new machines into an existing network.


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