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Remote Monitoring via Cloud-VPN Demonstration

Cloud VPNNovember 2012 - Contemporary Controls will demonstrate remote monitoring via Cloud-VPN at SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany, November 27 - 29.

The nearby figure shows a remote monitoring Cloud-VPN demonstration that will be provided by Contemporary Controls at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 exhibition. There are two peer systems consisting of a BASremote controller running Sedona FrameworkTM with a switch input and a light output that connect via the Internet to a Cloud-based VPN server. One side is designated as the local site and the other the remote site. A simple program has been installed in each controller that allows the switch from one controller to control the light on the other controller. Two cellular routers are used for convenience each with an installed VPN client. The partner VPN connection for each is handled by the single Cloud-VPN. Each controller has an Ethernet connection to the cellular router. The communications protocol being used through the VPN tunnel is conventional Modbus TCP. The installation is simple and secure and does not require any modification of the control protocol used between the two controllers. Each controller has a web page which can be accessed from either side. The workstation can be located as shown or anywhere else on the Internet as long as a VPN client is available.

For more information, visit Contemporary Controls Hall 10, Stand 10-141. A copy of the Cloud-VPN handout from the show also is available as a PDF. More details about Cloud-VPN will be available in the December issue of Control Network.

In addition to the Cloud-VPN demonstration, visit Stand 10-141to see our latest wired and wireless Ethernet communications and BACnet control products. Our new IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol Ethernet real-time switch provides a low-cost alternative to expensive rack-mounted switches. This five-port GigE switch is DIN-rail mounted and operates over a wide temperature range while powered from a low-voltage source. For our ARCNET customers upgrading to modern workstations, our new PCI Express interface card maintains software compatibility with our original PCI-bus cards.

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