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Simplify the Saving of Sedona Projects with BASbackup

CTA AwardsDecember 2014 - BASbackup - our Sedona Project Backup and Restore utility - has been updated to simplify the backup and restore operations of our BAScontrol20 series of BACnet/IP unitary controllers. Usually Workbench is used to save Sedona application files but with BASbackup saving and restoring can now be accomplished without the need of Workbench. All BAScontrol20 configuration files - not just Sedona application files - can now be saved in one simple zip file for easy project retention and recovery.

The BAScontrol20 conforms to the B-ASC device profile and can be freely-programmed using Sedona's drag-and-drop programming language. Similar to Niagara Framework, Sedona allows for the systems integrator to assemble components onto a wire sheet to create applications. Programming tools such as Workbench are usually used to program Sedona programs with the result saved in Workbench. However, the BAScontrol20 not only has a stored Sedona program but BACnet and web page configurations as well that are not easily stored in Workbench. With the latest BASbackup utility (1.0.11), all BAScontrol20 configurations are stored in one zip file without the need of Workbench.

BASbackup is a free utility available from Contemporary Controls' web site. It is recommended that this Java program be stored in the root directory of a Linux or Windows PC. Included with the downloaded program is what is called a Component Bundle. This zip file contains kit and manifest information of current and pass versions of BAScontrol20s eliminating the need of having Workbench for program storage. With BASbackup the following files are saved in one zip file:

  • app.sax
  • bas_cfg.xml
  • webc.xml

Restoring programs in controllers is as easy as the backup process. Cloning controllers with only changes to IP addresses and BACnet instances is possible with the result that each controller in the field has a unique project file for easy retention and recovery.

All program capabilities are described in the BASbackup Instruction Sheet.

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