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Webinar: IP Routers and Their Uses

Our webinar about the Skorpion IP Routers and their uses is now available online. The webinar shows viewers how to set-up an IP router and explains IP router features, including Firewall, Port Forwarding, Port Range Forwarding and NAT.

"The webinar is a great way for our customers to see how they can best utilize an IP Router," said Harpartap Parmar, Senior Product Manager at Contemporary Controls. "Most of our customers understand how to use an IP router to connect two networks together, but they aren't taking full advantage of the advanced features which make a WAN connection as secure as possible."

The Skorpion series of IP routers eases the integration of new machines into the existing network. Each machine consisting of multiple IP devices connects to the LAN side while keeping the same IP settings for the devices and the application, lowering installation cost and eliminating trouble shooting. The IP address for the WAN port on the IP router is the only setting that requires modification allowing multiple machines to reuse the same configuration on the LAN side. VPN models of the routers can provide secure remote access with the use of the RemoteVPN service from Contemporary Controls. Both wired and cellular IP routers (with easy to activate data plans from Contemporary Controls) are available for various applications.

Watch the webinar to learn more about leveraging your IP router.


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