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Updated BACnet Router Application Guide

BACnet RoutersMay 2013 – With the newly released BASrouterLX joining the BASrouter and the Portable BASrouter, Contemporary Controls now provides three different BACnet/IP router solutions to help integrators make a cost-effective connection to BACnet MS/TP. To better explain the capabilities and differences of the three BAS routers, Contemporary Controls has updated its BACnet Router Application Guide that provides examples of common BACnet routing applications and how each of these routers can be used to solve a particular need.

Because some of these applications involve connections to the Internet and the sub-netting of IP networks, Contemporary Controls' EIPR IP Router is used in some of the examples. To aid in understanding the required configuration of the equipment, web page configuration screens are shown with the proper settings. Eleven application examples are provided:

  • Commissioning BACnet MS/TP using a Laptop Computer
  • Connecting Together BACnet's Automation and Field Levels
  • Tunneling over BACnet/IP
  • Adding BACnet/IP Automation Equipment to an MS/TP Network
  • One-armed Router Supporting BACnet Ethernet
  • BBMD server without Firewall
  • Connecting Field Devices on Multiple Floors
  • BBMD Server with Firewall but No Local IP Devices
  • Remote Access to an Existing BACnet/IP Internetwork
  • Capturing MS/TP Traffic
  • Proxy Support for MS/TP Slave Devices

View the Application Guide (PDF) here.

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