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Do it Yourself—NEW BACnet Client Controller

The BASpi BACnet Client Controller (BCC) is unique in that it functions as both a BACnet client and BACnet server as well as a Sedona controller but without internal I/O. It serves as a mini-supervisor to BACnet/IP server devices over Ethernet or Wi-Fi and BACnet MS/TP devices over EIA-485. Using custom Sedona network variable components, the BCC can initiate read/write commands from its Sedona wire sheet to BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP server points on remote devices. Server points need not be Sedona compliant – just BACnet compliant. Any BACnet remote I/O such as Contemporary Controls' Cube I/O can be made into a freely-programmable controller with the addition of the BCC.

"It's a powerful platform built on open hardware with open software," said Zach Netsov, Product Specialist. "The new BASpi BCC unleashes new potentials in DDC controllers."

For the more popular remote I/O series, Contemporary Controls will provide a custom device profile. However, even without a custom device profile almost any BACnet server point is accessible by the BCC.

Much more is gained with the BCC such as resident MS/TP protocol utility, weather component, sunrise/sunset indication, email alarming and scheduling.

The BCC incorporates a communication daughterboard with an isolated EIA-485 port for driving isolated or non-isolated BACnet MS/TP devices. A bias/termination DIP switch is accessible by removing the cover. Power, status, transmit/receive LEDs are viewable through the clear cover. Also included on the daughterboard is a 24 VAC/VDC power supply for powering the Pi and a real-time clock with super-cap retention in the case of power loss.

Stop by booth C5218 for a preview of the BASpi BCC.


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