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The Advantages of a BAScontrol Open Controller

BAScontrol 20 and 22

Contemporary Controls has always supported open protocols like BACnet. But BACnet does not provide control – only a standardized method for communications. Having BACnet is not good enough when you are locked out of a job due to a proprietary programming language and tool. System integrators are often faced with challenges when trying to access a BACnet site:

  • Proprietary programming language requiring unique training or licensing
  • Restricted programming tool only available to "partners"
  • Contractor no longer has access to product line
  • Programs are not transferrable among different controllers
  • No access to passwords, diagrams, or the running program

The BAScontrol Series is Contemporary Controls' way of providing a truly open controller by having:

  • An open communications network in IP Ethernet
  • An open industry supported building automation protocol in BACnet
  • An open control language that is license-free in Sedona Framework
  • A free programming tool that is available to all without restriction in the Sedona Application Editor
  • A free backup utility for the Sedona application and all of its settings
  • A free emulator which you can use to test your Sedona application and its communications
  • Access to a Sedona community where there is a sharing of development, know-how and applications for the common good

Programming independence arrives in the form of the Sedona Application Editor (SAE). An open programming tool for an open controller available without restriction to system integrators. It is used to create custom applications in the Sedona environment. Using graphical means, components residing in kits are dragged onto a wire sheet, configured and interconnected with other components to create applications. SAE is part of the BAScontrol Toolset, which simplifies controller programming and project archiving. Also included in the BAScontrol Toolset is the newly released BASemulator – BAScontrol emulation on a PC, and BASbackup - BAScontrol Project Utility. These three tools are available free as a single install on a PC. You can even develop and test a BAScontrol program without investing in a real controller. If you are new to Sedona, you can learn the programming language using the BAScontrol Toolset and watching our SAE video series. There are no system integrator setup fees – just register and create your own test drive.

The BAScontrol series provides freely-programmable controllers but can be made into configurable controllers by installing one of Contemporary Controls' pre-built applications. Configuration can then be accomplished via web pages. Pre-built applications speed up installation time by only requiring configuration during installation. Sequences can be modified using the Sedona Application Editor. Not only are the BAScontrol tools free but the pre-built applications as well. A truly open controller requires non-restrictive tools and applications.

Visit the BAScontrol Series to learn more.


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