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Fast, Easy Building Supervision with the New BASview3

The BASview building supervisors are ideal for small and medium buildings or processes that require a simple-to-use graphical interface with no licensing requirements. This July, the new BASview3 will be available, which can use conventional 24VAC/VDC power and the real-time clock has been upgraded to a supercap rather than a battery.

The BASview3 is an intuitive and easy to use stand-alone, web-based graphical interface for building automation and process automation systems. Thanks to its HTML5 interface, it can be accessed from any standard web browser on any device.


The BASview3 has an updated Graphic screens functionality in addition to its Dashboard screens. The BASview3 now provides the ability to freely position the same graphical widgets, labels, buttons, displays, icons, and other graphical elements available in Dashboard screens on top of user-uploaded background graphical content such as floor plan images, equipment graphic images, etc. Unlike Dashboard screens which use containers to organize graphical elements, Graphic screens allow you to freely position these elements allowing you for complete freedom and creativity in creating graphical screens for monitoring and control applications.


The BASview3 is simple to install and use. 24VAC/VDC power input and DIN rail mounted metal enclosure make it easy to install in cabinets. A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection is all that is needed for communication. Client features for BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP systems include animated graphic screens, dashboards, scheduling - with time maintained on power loss thanks to its capacitor-backed real time clock, historical trending, runtime accumulation, alarm monitoring, and email notifications.

"Customers like the BASview because configuration is so intuitive," said Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager. "If you are using BACnet you just discover the BACnet devices, and then discover the BACnet points. Now just drag the points onto the trend charts, into the alarms, the scheduling screen, or onto the graphic components. You can also use the template facility to duplicate repetitive functions like trends and graphics to minimize development time."

BASview3 will automatically toggle outputs and change setpoints on schedule, collect runtime and trend data, and monitor alarm conditions. As an embedded device, BASview3 uses Flash memory for internal storage instead of a hard disk to maintain its ruggedness. The BASview3 is completely self-contained, requiring no external application for its use. Multiple simultaneous web browser users can access the BASview3 from any web-enabled device.

The BASview3 will be available July 2019.


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