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BASpi (and Barbie) Engage Young Women in STEM

Contemporary Controls was pleased to assist Valencia College's (Orlando, FL) Energy Management and Controls Technology (EMCT) Associate in Science Degree program as they participated in a recent middle school outreach event to 3,500 middle school students. A Barbie Grand Hotel was utilized as an example of energy management in a commercial building by instrumenting the facility with sensors and devices interfaced to our BASpi 12-point I/O board atop a Raspberry Pi 3.

BASpi and Barbie

The BASpi is a BACnet-networked, Sedona-programmable controller with 6 Universal inputs and 6 Relay Outputs. All 12 physical I/O points, in addition to 24 Virtual Points, are served over BACnet/IP using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. (The BASpi is circled in the picture below)

BASpi and Barbie

The swimming pool became an ice bath (a little chilly for swimming) but it presented the concepts of temperature measurement and control. Deb Hall, Program Chair of the EMCT program, said, "I honestly have never seen so many female students approach our table during an outreach event."

Environmental Engineering is one of the five most in-demand engineering fields because it is critical to society's desire to create a sustainable world and enhance the quality of life. There is also a strong desire to motivate young women to pursue careers in the scientific and technological communities. Contemporary Controls is proud to support both efforts.

The BASpi I/O board is available stand-alone, as well as a complete system — the BASpi-SYS, which is packaged with a Raspberry Pi 3 board and BASpi I/O board for immediate control right out of the box.

Visit the BASpi product page to learn more.


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