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Sedona Discussion Groups Now Available

Sedona AllianceContemporary Controls has launched discussion groups for Sedona users and developers on Sedona Alliance. The Sedona software environment is ideally suited for graphical representation of control strategies. Whether you are a developer or a systems integrator looking for a process automation and control software, Sedona provides the solution. Though used primarily for control sequences in the Building Automation industry, it is versatile enough for applications in other industries.

For those interested in the Sedona technology, the new discussion groups provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions, bring up ideas for new Sedona components or future development strategies, solve challenging control sequences, gather knowledge from other users, or give general comments about the technology.

The groups will be moderated by our product development team and experienced users will be available to respond to comments, questions and requests.

The discussion groups are hosted on the Sedona Alliance website, which is an excellent resource for those looking to utilize Sedona for process automation and control applications.

The mission of the Sedona Alliance is to promote Sedona as the premier open control software environment available for use by the public without restriction. The Alliance represents the interests of a Sedona community consisting of developers who make Sedona products, integrators that create Sedona applications, and users that benefit from its deployment. Sponsorship of the Sedona Alliance is by Contemporary Controls that is funding the Sedona Alliance's development and maintenance while contributing technical material to educate the public about Sedona.

Visit the Sedona User Discussion Group and the Sedona Developer Discussion Group to participate.


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