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BAScontrol Toolset Upgrade Improves Program Functionality and Adaptability

The BAScontrol series of BACnet/IP Sedona Unitary controllers remain popular with system integrators, mechanical OEMs, and HVAC training institutions in part because the controllers are freely programmable using Contemporary Controls' BAScontrol Toolset. As part of a BAScontrol series product upgrade, the BAScontrol Toolset's Sedona Application Editor (SAE) has undergone several enhancements to improve its editing functionality and its ability to adapt to both tablets and high-resolution screens.

BAScontrol Toolset

SAEv2.0 can now support 4K monitors while speeding up the management of larger wiresheets that contain large amounts of Sedona logic. A Kit Manager allows for the addition, removal, and revisioning of kits. Several improvements were made to the Kit Manager to improve testing for native dependencies and missing kits. For example, highlighting link connections through folders has been improved. The global search function was also improved to include new commands, such as "UNDO." These changes enhance the user experience.

Although SAE allows the user to save and restore a Sedona program, BASbackup can do this as well, plus it can save BACnet settings and controller configurations. BASbackup can then perform a full controller save and restore, or it can clone additional controllers using the same application program but with different BACnet Device Instances and IP addresses. BASbackup was tested to support the new controller models and, in most instances, can assist in transferring applications between different model controllers.

The BASemulator has been upgraded to include the two new models of controllers, allowing the user to experience the operation of these controllers in a virtual environment before obtaining physical units. Using a drop-down menu on a Windows PC, any controller model can be selected for emulation. The user can then interact with SAE and BASbackup for programming and testing the application program in anticipation of transferring the proven application to a real controller. Other than real input/output connectivity, the BASemulator faithfully represents a real controller.

With these advancements, Contemporary Controls retains its mission of providing freely programmable, web-based open controllers with BACnet as the protocol, license-free Sedona as the programming language, and unrestricted access to the free BAScontrol Toolset.

For more information, visit the BAScontrol Toolset page.


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