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BAScontrol Toolset Updated

BASstatThe free BAScontrol Toolset provided by Contemporary Controls consists of three applications that can be used to program, configure, backup and emulate our Sedona capable devices. You can emulate our Sedona control devices right on your PC using the BASemulator, configure and program them using Sedona Application Editor with easy graphical programming, as well as backup and restore between real or emulated Sedona devices using the BASbackup utility. The BAScontrol Toolset has been updated to version 1.1.5 to add support for new devices and provide bug fixes.

In this version, we have added support for our newly released BAScontrol22C controller with BACnet Client capability. Paired with the BAScontrol22C BACnet Client capability, the new NetV (Network Variable) Sedona components available in this release allow you to read and/or write BACnet points on remote devices over the network.

In addition, we have also provided support for our soon to be released BASpi-IO6U4R2A board which is the second Raspberry Pi building automation daughterboard in the series offering 2x 0-10V analog outputs and 4x relay outputs. Enhancements and bug fixes have been applied to our free Sedona Application Editor to improve user experience.

In BAscontrol Toolset 1.1.5 release:

  • Support for BAScontrol20C, BAScontrol22C, and BASpi-IOAO2 in Sedona Application Editor
  • Support for BAScontrol20C, BAScontrol22C in BASbackup
  • Improved wire sheet zoom feature in Sedona Application Editor
  • Improved wire sheet search feature in Sedona Application Editor
  • Improved properties pane configuration in Sedona Application Editor
  • Bug fixes in Sedona Application Editor

Download the latest version on the BAScontrol Toolset product page.


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