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Contemporary Controls Featured at Building Automation Training

The BAScontrol22 and BAScontrol Toolset were utilized at a 4-day course on Building Automation Systems (BAS) taught at the newly completed International Training and Conference Center in Cosby Texas. This 237-acre facility is the largest and most comprehensive training facility for union Operating and Stationary Engineers in North America.

Students were taught using the BAScontrol22. Topics included basic control theory, wiring and connecting controllers, DDC device configuration, and HVAC/R system controls. Wire sheets were created using the BAScontrol Toolset, which was perfect for this training event. The open-source Sedona Application Editor (SAE) embedded in the toolset allowed the students to create wire sheets and configure and interconnect components to create applications. The included BASemulator allowed students to then emulate on a Windows PC the operation of any of the controllers in the BAScontrol series. They could practice on their own time, complete homework assignments, or simply improve their control sequences at their convenience.

BASbackup — the BAScontrol Project Utility, (included in the Toolset) allowed students to back-up the work they had done on the emulation platform and restore the entire project (Sedona application files and device configuration files) onto the real BAScontrol22 in the classroom and observe their application working on a real device.

Contemporary Controls is committed to open source building automation solutions to reduce the cost of implementing solutions for our customers and extend the range of applications that can interact without restrictions. We were pleased to be chosen as a partner for this hands-on training session.

Visit the BAScontrol product page to learn more.


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