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BASgatewayLX Receives Recognition for Innovation

The BASgatewayLX is a finalist for the "Technical Innovation of the Year – Products" award from Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA). The BCIA Awards recognize innovation in the building controls industry within the UK.

"We are very pleased that the BASgatewayLX is being recognized as innovative and unique in the industry," said Michal Papierz, EMEA Operations Manager. "The Modbus to BACnet gateway is a popular choice for systems integrators because of its ease-of-use and the availability pre-defined energy meter device profiles."

Modbus remains a popular network interface, and is commonly found on jobs such as boiler control, variable speed drives, and metering applications, but these devices lack BACnet compliance. To make Modbus devices appear as individual BACnet devices a BASgatewayLX is used. This device has one 10/100 Mbps Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP Ethernet port and an opto-isolated Modbus EIA-485 serial port for Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII devices. Up to 100 Modbus serial devices represented by up to 1000 polled points can share the single Modbus EIA-485 port on the BASgatewayLX. BACnet COV notification is supported on 200 points (100 Analog and 100 Binary points). The virtual routing feature in the BASgatewayLX allows each connected Modbus device to appear as an individual BACnet compliant device. What is needed is a device profile for each Modbus type device. Contemporary Controls maintains a library of common device profiles available for download in the Modbus Mapping Support Materials section.

If the device profile is not available, Contemporary Controls will provide it upon request. Custom Modbus device profiles can also be uploaded to the BASgatewayLX using the web page. Modbus data points from Modbus Serial or Modbus TCP/IP devices can be mapped to BACnet objects.

Using web pages and a resident database of common Modbus device profiles, Modbus data points from Modbus Serial or Modbus TCP devices can be mapped to BACnet objects.

The 2021 BCIA Awards will be held on at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, UK, September 9, 2021. Visit the BCIA Awards page to learn more and book a table. Visit the BASgatewayLX product page to learn more about Modbus to BACnet solutions.


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