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Don't Miss Haystack Connect 2017 Technical Sessions

Haystack 2017March 2017 - The Haystack Connect 2017 Conference May 8 - 10 in Tampa, Florida will bring together systems integrators, technology providers, A&E firms, OEMs and end users who are leading the way to advance smart-device applications and the power of data that is helping to create more efficient, sustainable built environment and streamline the interoperation of the systems and devices that permeate our modern world. In addition to attending as sponsors, we’ll be presenting at four technical sessions.

Haystack Connect's high quality technical sessions by industry experts get to the real issues and solutions in connecting smart devices and their data into solutions. This year, we’ll be discussing the following:

Hobbyist Computers – Is Control and Data Modeling Now Free?
The performance and low-cost of hobbyist computers such as Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard is truly amazing and they are already finding their way into commercial products. Coupled with open source software such as Sedona Framework and Project Haystack can we now achieve low or no-cost control and data modeling for our buildings?

Using SSL and VPNs to provide security
Project Haystack makes it easier to analyze the data from various devices by implementing tagging. The data is accessible remotely via HTTP but is that secure enough? Implementing HTTP over SSL on the device can help alleviate this issue by providing encryption. The use of HTTPS also provides security by ensuring the identity of the device with the use of certificates. But there is some burden on the end device for implementing SSL and depending on the device memory, it may not be possible to add SSL. The use of a separate device providing VPN in this scenario can help. VPNs can provide security and also help in hiding your end devices and infrastructure. Different VPN implementations will be discussed.

Sedona Alliance – Furthering the Options for Open Control Platforms
The Sedona Alliance is a not-for-profit (501c) trade association created to promote Sedona Framework as an open control language for use by the public without restriction. The Alliance represents the interests of a Sedona community consisting of developers who make Sedona products and integrators that create Sedona applications.

Using Sedona Framework to Create a Truly Open Controller
The popularity of open systems continues, and when we discuss open controllers we immediately think of BACnet’s open protocol. But a BACnet compliant controller does not mean anyone can program the controller due to licensing or programmer access restrictions. This presentation defines how an open controller can be created.

Register now for Haystack Connect 2017 at We look forward to seeing you there.

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