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Tradeshow Report from Building Controls and SIBT

October 2013 - Contemporary Controls attended both Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology 2013 (SIBT 2013) and Building Controls 2013, providing us with the opportunity to meet new and existing customers.

Building Controls 2013Building Controls in Esher, UK on October 23 and 24 is the only exhibition in the UK dedicated to the building controls industry. Contemporary Controls presented the BASautomation products, which help system integrators make a complete, integrated system that is still cost effective.

"The event showcases the latest in building control technologies," said Paul French, EMEA Sales Manager of Contemporary Controls. "We displayed our latest BASautomation products with solutions that take users from device to Internet using Sedona and Niagara controllers, Modbus gateways and graphical interface. Wired and wireless IP routers & Ethernet switches complete the connection."

For attendees interested in a simple method for attaching Honeywell Spyder BACnet MS/TP controllers to BACnet/IP without the need of a building controller, Contemporary Controls' BASrouter, a BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP router, is the solution. Installing and operating the BASrouter with several Honeywell Spyder controllers is simple and straightforward. Once the BASrouter is properly installed and configured, all the connected Spyder controllers can be accessible from BACnet/IP.

Also on display was the BASview, a stand-alone, embedded, web-based graphical interface for building automation and process automation systems. BACnet/IP compliant, client features include animated graphic screens, scheduling, historical trending, runtime accumulation and alarm monitoring. Sample screen shots and an online demonstration are available on the BASview product page.

"The BASview is ideal for small to medium buildings," said Paul French. "It has an easy-to-use graphical interface with no licensing requirements."

For system integrators interested in integration solutions for other protocols, such as Modbus, the BASgatewayLX connects BACnet/IP Ethernet to non-BACnet compliant networks such as Modbus Serial or Modbus TCP.

Using the concept of virtual routing, up to 30 Modbus devices appear as individual BACnet devices. Using web pages and a resident database of common Modbus device profiles, Modbus registers can be mapped to BACnet objects.

"With the cooperation of Modbus device manufacturers, we've developed a library of Modbus device profiles that reside within the BASgatewayLX," said Paul French. "Having the library removes a significant burden from the system integrator commissioning the system. Custom device profiles also can be uploaded."

SIBT 2013Successful SIBT 2013

The BASautomation product line also was presented at SIBT 2013 this past September in Shanghai, China. The show focused on major building technology innovation trends and had approximately 8,000 attendees.

We thank all of you who made the effort to visit our stand to view our BACnet routers, gateways and Ethernet infrastructure products. Many of you are already our customers and we enjoyed interacting with you and learning how we can better serve you. Your experiences and comments become the basis for our future products so please contact us with any need you have.


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