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ATA Celebrates Launch of Online ARCNET Resource Center

ARCNET Resource Center LogoApril 2010 - The ARCNET Trade Association (ATA), a not-for-profit organization that provides information and standards for users of ARCNET technology, has launched an online Resource Center to provide a single depository of information to assist designers, integrators and users of this robust networking technology. 

The Resource Center, available at, allows users to download the ATA's standards, including the ATA 878.1-1999 which defines the frame format, medium access, services, active hub operation, and the physical layer functions and connectors for a token bus LAN operating at 2.5 Mbps.

In addition to the standards, the Resource Center provides an introduction to the basic concepts of ARCNET, in-depth technical analysis and a history of ARCNET.

Sponsorship of the ARCNET Resource Center is by Contemporary Controls and Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMSC), the original sponsoring members of the ATA. They fund the resource center's development and maintenance while contributing technical material to educate the public. Others contribute their time and effort without compensation. 

Originally developed by Datapoint Corporation in the mid-70's, ARCNET continues to find new applications well beyond its original intention as a network for an Attached Resource Computer (ARCNET).  Technical contributions to the resource center are encouraged from those who believe that ARCNET continues to play a unique role in embedded networking.

"The ATA's mission is to increase ARCNET's industry visibility and development," said Mr. George Thomas, president of Contemporary Controls. "With the sale of more than 20 million nodes of ARCNET across the continents, the technology is alive and well in diverse industries. The ARCNET Resource Center will strive to provide as much assistance as possible to allow users around the globe to work smarter and more efficiently with this technology."

The ATA was formed in 1987 to remedy ARCNET's low profile in the computer industry. ARCNET has evolved into a mature, well-established LAN technology since its introduction as the first commercially available LAN on the market in 1977.

Today, ARCNET has reinvented itself into an embedded networking technology that is frequently found in applications such as industrial control, building automation, transportation, robotics and gaming. Extremely popular in Japan with continuing popularity in America and Europe, ARCNET is now making inroads into China with some of the top China universities incorporating ARCNET into its projects.

To learn more about ARCNET, please visit the new Resource Center at

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