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September 2015 - If you see us at the up-coming shows, you'll be getting a preview of our soon-to-be-released BASintegratorFIN and the BAScontrol22. Both join our BAS product line of innovative and cost-effective network devices.

The BASintegratorFIN - Integration Platform to an AX Supervisor

BASintegratorFINThe BASintegratorFIN uses a subset of J2innovations's FIN stack to create a powerful, yet flexible intelligent gateway that integrates Modbus and BACnet points up to Project Haystack clients. The BASintegratorFIN will also buffer trend data for the supervisor to help in case of network or supervisor issues.

Built on Contemporary Controls' open automation Linux platform, the BASintegratorFIN can discover points and apply Haystack tags to serve up to building supervisors such as Niagara's AX Supervisor. Using an open and free Haystack driver in the AX Supervisor, the AX Supervisor only needs to know the IP address of the BASintegratorFINs in the network for a seamless interface to all points on a job regardless of the type of point. The result is an inexpensive, yet modern approach to building automation where access to structured data is critical.

Project Haystack is an open-source initiative that incorporates a data model that creates structure to this data through naming conventions. The tagging convention is driven through public comment. Using Project Haystack conventions, the BASintegratorFIN not only provides structure to data but captures the data in a cost-effective manner while delivering tagged field data up to building supervisors.

BAScontrol22 Unitary Controller

The BAScontrol22 Unitary Controller is a good example of an open controller in that it embodies the attributes of an open controller as defined by Contemporary Controls. It is BACnet/IP compliant and incorporates a Sedona Virtual Machine. It can be programmed using Niagara Workbench or with a Sedona Tool. It is available to any systems integrator without restriction.

By having an Ethernet connection, the BASC22 can easily connect to Niagara Workbench or a Sedona Tool for programming or to a web browser for configuration. A built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch allows for a daisy-chain connection to the next-in-line controller or to a building supervisor. Besides having 66 Sedona components from Tridium, it has 100 custom components from Contemporary Controls. These include 48 web components that can be viewed and manipulated by a web browser, and 24 virtual points that can be read or written by a BACnet client.

The BAScontrol20 Demo Board is ideal for training and simulation by having inputs and outputs pre-wired to physical points. Applications can be tested before being deployed in the field. 


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