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New Industrial Ethernet University Course on Cellular Communications

We have just added new content to the Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) . This free online resource which we launched and maintain provides objective, content-rich learning materials on Ethernet, especially as it relates to installations in factories and buildings.

The latest lesson to be added is IE504: Cellular Communications. It is estimated that today 270 million people in the United States alone carry a hand-held computer (aka a smartphone) on their person and there are 6.4 billion connected devices world-wide. This explosion in personal computing has driven and in part been a beneficiary of the expansion of the data rate supported by cellular communication technology. Today it is possible to bridge between Ethernet networks using cellular devices with Mbit/s speed. This lesson provides an overview of the various cellular network advances that have occurred, and the equipment needed when interfacing to an Ethernet network.

A total of 24 lessons are available for study at the IEU. HVACR students and industry professionals are free to read and learn the concepts at their own pace, returning to each lesson as often as desired. 100 and 200 level courses provide the basics of Industrial Ethernet from the physical and data link layers up through the network, transport and application layers. 300 and 400 level courses fine tune this knowledge with examples of how Ethernet has expanded into industrial and other real-world applications. 500 level courses explain how building control networks (such as BACnet) utilize Ethernet for control, how to connect Wi-Fi to an IP backbone, and how wireless communication is challenging wired networks for the future.

For instructors wishing to incorporate the IEU into their coursework, a multiple-choice test on each lesson is available upon request. The tests feature 10 questions regarding each lesson that verify the student's grasp of the material. A separate answer key for ease of grading is included. Only verified instructors/educators are granted access to this material by emailing to prevent cheating. Coupled with our BAScontrol and BASpi-Edge BACnet controllers, an entire hands-on curriculum can be developed to teach the concepts of automation control. We offer a generous educator discount as well. For more information visit our Training and Education page.

Go to IEU to read the IE504: Cellular Communications lesson.


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