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Custom HVAC and Math Kits Released to the Sedona Community

A unique aspect of Sedona Framework is the ability to share custom hardware-independent kits with members of the Sedona community. A kit is comprised of components, and components are used to create applications. System integrators have asked us to provide custom components with enhanced functionality over Tridium-release components and as a Sedona developer we are happy to do this. But to deploy these custom components we must create a kit for each collection. You can download the CControls_HVAC kit with nine components, and the CControls_Math kit with four components from our website. These kits are suitable for any Sedona 1.2.28 platform. Watch our video on how to install them using the kit manager within our Sedona Application Editor.

The CControls_HVAC kit has the following components. For more detail consult the HVAC kit instruction sheet.

Analog High/Low (AnaHiLo) - This component has two independent usages. It can be used to initiate an alarm or event for an analog point, or it could be used to limit the output range of an analog point.

Anti-Short Cycle (AntiSCY) - This component is used to protect mechanical equipment from running for too short of a time or restarting without a sufficient delay.

BTU/Hour Calculator (BTUh) - This component makes it easy to calculate the amount of heating or cooling of water that is occurring by monitoring the temperature differential across a piece of equipment and the flow rate.

Numeric Dampener (NumDamp) - This component functions as a digital filter to dampen the volatility of an input signal by creating an output version of the input signal but with modifications to the signal's rate-of-change, and amplitude change.

Enhanced PID Loop Controller (EnhPID) - This component appears as an exact replica of the LP component in Tridium's Func kit but it has one significant change in the way it handles the configurable Boolean slot Enable. Instead of simply stopping calculations it allows the output to drop to a defined state with a defined rate.

Lead Lag Sequence Controller (LeadLag) - This component monitors and controls up to four devices (usually pumps) dedicated to one critical process. If a pump fails to come on-line or goes off-line when it should be on-line, the next-in-line pump will take over.

Outside Air True Blend (OATrueB) - This component makes a dynamic calculation of the percentage opening of an outside air damper which is helpful when creating economizers or for demand control ventilation to reduce CO2.

Run Proving (RnProof) - This component is a simple adaptation of the more complex LeadLag component. With this component, one device (pump or motor) is commanded on and proven to be on otherwise a failure is noted.

Period Driven Clock (TockTic) - TockTic should not be confused with the TickToc component in Tridium's Func kit. With the Tridium component, the clock frequency is set in steps per second between 1 and 10. With TockTic, the frequency is set by the period allowing for much slower frequencies thereby providing a much slower counting source.

The CControls_Math kit provides the basic Add, Div, Mul and Sub functions that the Tridium-release components do but with configurable input slots meaning that there is no need to drag down a constant component just to set one input to a fixed value. This saves on components and memory. For more detail consult the Math kit instruction sheet.

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