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Secure, Cellular Remote Access

With the launch of our new cellular IP router, the EIGR-C, our customers can now take advance of secure, cellular remote access.

Why Remote Access?

Utilizing the Internet for remote commissioning provides convenience and significant cost savings, but accessing machines at job sites can be difficult because firewalls block messages that originate from the Internet. Although it is possible to open ports in firewalls using port forwarding, IT professionals are often reluctant to compromise the security of their network to do so. Remote access allows system integrators to access devices securely without concern for firewalls.

With our RemoteVPN service, a cloud-based VPN server provides secure encrypted connections between VPN clients. One client is installed on the systems integrator’s PC or mobile device. The other client is installed on the EIGR-C located at the job site.

Using the EIGR-C Cellular IP Router

The EIGR-C incorporates a built-in cellular modem that works with Verizon, a real-time clock and OpenVPN client functionality compatible with the our RemoteVPN service. Getting the cellular router up and running is easy. Contemporary Controls can activate and provision the router on the Verizon network for you. This offers quick and easy commissioning and avoids having the router provisioned incorrectly when activated through other sources. By utilizing our commissioning service, customers can be confident that the device will work and not waste their time trying to resolve activation issues. Besides the standard monthly cost of the data plan selected by you, there is no additional cost for our commissioning service.

Once commissioned, the router provides OpenVPN client communication at the job site. OpenVPN is open-source and incorporates SSL/TLS security with encryption. Communication initiated by OpenVPN clients pass through firewalls up to the RemoteVPN server which completes the client connections. All that is needed is an account on the server to utilize the RemoteVPN service. OpenVPN clients are easy to obtain and can be downloaded from, the Google Play store or Apple App store.

Using the EIGR-C Cellular IP router and RemoteVPN results in a remote access solution is fast and secure. It allows you to commission and troubleshoot job sites without needing to be at the customer’s facility or negotiate with the customer’s IT department.

Multiple remote sites can be accessed simultaneously using the RemoteVPN service.

Learn more by visiting the EIGR-C Cellular IP router product page and the RemoteVPN product page.

Love this remote access idea, but don’t need cellular? No problem! Wired solutions are also available with the EIGR-V and EIGR-VX.


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