BASpi Comparison Chart


The mass popularity of powerful micro PCs such as the Raspberry Pi brings low-cost computing power to technical professionals and hobbyists alike. Suitable for most field installations, they also provide an excellent training and experimental platform for individuals interested in controls and automation. Contemporary Controls, committed to open controls, is contributing to this effort by offering controller products under the BASpi name which are powered by the Raspberry Pi.

Use this comparison chart below to decide which model is best for you.

Features BASpi-Edge 6/6 BASpi-Edge 6/4/2 BASpi-IO 6/6 BASpi-IO 6/4/2
Universal Inputs (UI) 6 6 6 6
Binary Outputs (BO) 6 4 6 4
Analog Outputs (AO) 0 2 0 2
Virtual Points (VT) 48 48 24 24
Web Components (WC) 48 48 48 48
BACnet/IP Server over Ethernet or Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes
BACnet/IP Client over Ethernet or Wi-Fi Yes Yes No No
BACnet MS/TP Server (requires USB to EIA-485 dongle) Yes Yes No No
Azure IoT Central Cloud Connected Yes Yes No No
Email Alarms/Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic Schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Schedule (with web page configuration and holidays/exceptions) Multiple Multiple Single Single
Weather Station Web Service Yes Yes No No
Sunrise/Sunset (calculation based on geolocation) Yes Yes No No
Graphical Dashboard (web and HDMI) Yes Yes No No
Power Input 24 VAC/VDC 24 VAC/VDC 5 VDC 5 VDC
Form Factor DIN rail mount enclosure DIN rail mount enclosure Rpi daughterboard Rpi daughterboard
Push Button Reset Yes Yes No No
Free pre-built Sedona control applications Yes Yes No No