Compact Switch for harsh environments

Product Overview

  • Plug and Play operation
  • Compact Size
  • 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 100BASE-FX compliant
  • Extended temperature range
    (-40° to +75°C)
  • Auto-negotiated data rate, duplex and
    flow control on twisted-pair ports
  • Full or half-duplex
  • Auto-crossover (Auto-MDIX) and
    uplink provision on twisted-pair ports
  • Wide-range, low-voltage AC or DC powered
  • Provision for redundant power connections
  • LEDs for link/activity/data rate and power
  • Easy panel or DIN-rail installation
  • Industrial environment EMC compatible
  • CE Mark
  • UL 508 Listed
  • C-UL Listed, Industrial Control Equipment

Product Details

The EISX series of compact switching hubs answers the call for those industrial and commercial applications requiring a small footprint and extended temperature range from -40° to +75°C. This series is ideal for situations where outdoor temperatures are expected and compact size is a necessity. Both copper and fiber optic versions are available.

The EISX segments the Ethernet LAN into multiple collision domains. It acts as a "bridge" between data links-creating a larger network diameter than possible with repeating hubs. Each twisted-pair port automatically negotiates with its link partner the data rate to be 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps and either half- or full-duplex operation. If full-duplex is selected, the PAUSE flow control method can be selected. Half-duplex links use backpressure for flow control.

The switch learns port assignments by reading Ethernet frames and logs source addresses into a table which can hold over 4,000 addresses. With this information, it improves throughput by restricting traffic to only those ports party to a data exchange-while other data is simultaneously exchanged on other ports. Store-and-forward operation of frames is implemented using 256 kB of built-in memory.

Only standard straight-through cables are needed to connect copper ports to NICs or another hub. Eight Auto-MDIX ports are available on the EISX9-100T for attaching local devices or for use as an uplink port. The ninth port has a conventional MDI/X port and a MDI port that can be used as an uplink port. This allows cascading to another hub without the need of a crossover cable. In addition to one power LED, each port has an LED showing link/activity/data rate by color: green for 100 Mbps and yellow for 10 Mbps. Flashing indicates port activity.

The unit is shipped with a DIN-rail clip installed. If direct mounting to a sub-panel is desired, an optional panel mounting bracket, shipped with the product, can be installed after removing the DIN-rail clip.

The EISX can be powered from either wide-range, low-voltage AC or DC power. Redundant power connections are provided to accommodate back-up power schemes.

This product is available in three models. The EISX9-100T offers nine twisted-pair ports. The EISX9-100T/FT has eight twisted-pair ports and one multimode (1300 nm) port with ST connectors. The EISX9-100T/FC is identical except it uses SC connectors.

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