CTRLink Managed Switches for Taking Control of Your Network


The ultimate in performance and flexibility can be found in a SNMP compliant managed switch, providing data on network health and performance. By configuring the switch through either a web page or console screen, advanced features can be invoked, including: virtual LANs to segment traffic within a single physical network, several Quality of Service (QoS) methods (including 802.1p) to prioritize traffic, port security to guard against intrusions, port mirroring for troubleshooting, and a programmable fault-relay that can be tied to a host controller for alarming.

Trunking allows for parallel paths for increased throughput and cable redundancy. For other cable redundancy solutions, there is RSTP or Contemporary Controls' proprietary RapidRing®. Models are available with either multimode (MM) or single-mode (SM) fiber optic ports to accommodate long distances through hostile environments. Fiber ports are fixed at 100Mbps data rate and use 100BASE-FX signaling at a wavelength of 1310nm.

Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch — for flexible port configuration

The industrial managed Ethernet switch provides compact 1U rack-mount design, flexible port configuration and high reliability. It provides error-free data transmission and network management functions in harsh environments. The switch is equipped with four ports for 10/100 Mbps copper links, 20 ports for 100BASE-FX SFP links and 4 ports for 1000BASE-FX SFP links. It offers redundant power supply connections for sources providing 120 VAC. It can be installed with the included standard 1U rackmount kit. Operating temperature −40 to +75°C.