IoT Innovation North America

Contemporary Controls designs and manufactures the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling automation processes where performance and reliability are important. Our products are built upon open technologies such as ARCNET, BACnet®, Controller Area Network (CAN), Ethernet, Modbus, Niagara Framework®, and Sedona — typically found in the building, energy, and industrial automation industries. Our new BASpi-edge product can be used to take sensors such as temperature sensors, 0-10V sensors, resistance and pulse outputting sensors to the cloud. The cloud can also control the outputs of our BASpi-edge. Also, if localized control is required, the BASpi-edge provides a simple to use component-based language which can be used when going to the cloud requires too much time or is only used for reporting purposes. The BASpi-edge can also pull building automation information from other building controllers, by use of its BACnet client, and make this available to the cloud.

The Contemporary Controls EIGR family of gigabit IP routers now features the EIGR-C3 router with a built-in cellular modem. The EIGR-C3 has been certified by Verizon as 4G LTE compliant for use on their network. The router incorporates OpenVPN client and server capability for a secure VPN internet connection at sites where a wired connection is not desired or available.

BASpi Controller

Coming Soon: BACnet Edge Controller with Azure IoT Central

The BASpi Edge Controller is BACnet/IP (B-ASC) compliant with a built-in Azure IoT Central connector providing an easy interface to a cloud-based dashboard and supervision.

  • 6 Universal Inputs, 6 Binary Outputs or 4 Binary and 2 Analog Outputs
  • Web page configurable, Sedona programmable, BACnet networked
  • Convenient installation – 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 24 VAC/VDC power, DIN-rail mounted enclosure, realtime clock
  • 12 physical points and 24 virtual points
  • Free programming tools
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Cellular Router

Skorpion GigE Cellular IP Routers

The EIGR-C3 VPN Router allows for cellular, secure VPN connection to remote sites where wired connection is not an option. The EIGR-C3 is a high-speed router that links cellular to 10/100/1000 Mbps Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks — passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic. One network is the local-area-network (LAN); the cellular is the wide-area-network (WAN). It also has an Ethernet port that can act as the WAN if cellular access is not required. The built-in stateful firewall passes communication initiated on the LAN-side while blocking WAN-side initiated communication.

  • Web page configuration
  • LTE Cellular or 10/100/1000 Mbps WAN port
  • 4-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN switch
  • OpenVPN Client (compatible with RemoteVPN)
  • PAT, NAT, Port Forwarding and Port Range Forwarding
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