ARC20 Sample "C" Language Source Code


ARC20 is a set of DOS software driver routines that provide an easy way to start using our COM20020-based ARCNET interface adapters. These allow you to initialize, read, write, and get the status of the network. Along with your application code, these routines provide a basis for a complete ARCNET DOS application. Sample applications and source code are provided for all routines.

The ARC20 file set includes a user guide that describes the implementation of the routines.

The "C" source code for the routines is provided so they can be modified for your specific hardware requirements.

Usage with Windows 95/98/ME:
These routines will work in a pop-up DOS command window.

Usage with Windows NT/2K/XP:
The routines will NOT work in a pop-up DOS command window. The host computer must boot to DOS.

Equipment Requirements:

  • The card in the host computer must use a COM20020 or COM20022 chip.
  • The data rate must not exceed 2.5 Mbps.

The routines are in a self-extracting zip file (114 kB) which contains:

  • all routines and supporting files
  • a user guide formatted as a .TXT file

To download this utility, click here.